The Importance of Keyword Research

You have a great website designed to connect you with new customers and clients. It contains the most important information about your company and your brand, about the services you offer and how to get in touch. All the pieces are in place.  So… why aren’t leads rolling in? The answer could be your keyword […]

Small Business Charitable Giving

charitable business marketing strategies

As we enjoy this month of Thanksgiving and head into the most wonderful time of the year, individuals and small business owners alike may also be contemplating ways to get a few more tax deductions before we ring out 2018 and pop the champagne to ring in 2019. Charitable giving can translate into tax deductions […]

Blog Metrics Worth Measuring

Blog Performance Metrics Worth Measuring

When we suggest to clients that they should have a blog, some resist. Are blogs still relevant? Aren’t they so 2010? Actually, no. Research shows that brands utilizing a blog on their site generate nearly 70% more leads than their blogless competitors. How do you track a blog’s performance? What are the blog metrics you […]

The ABC’s of A/B testing

A/B Testing for Digital Marketing

What is A/B Testing? A/B testing, also referred to as split or bucket testing, is a method employed in data-driven marketing that compares different versions of, well…just about about variable of your digital advertising. Headlines, website copy, images, calls to actions, colors, font size…you name it, it can be tested for performance. At its core, […]

Automotive Vendor Management

Automotive Vendor Management

Who provides Automotive Vendor Management? One of the top struggles we hear from the automotive dealerships we work with and automotive marketing directors, is dealing with 3rd party automotive marketing vendors. As with any typical car dealership, you likely have a handful of outside vendors you pay to perform a marketing service on behalf of […]

3 Important SEO Trends for the Automotive Industry

Automotive SEO

Remember the good old days when digital marketing was referred to as “internet marketing” and the biggest thing marketers had to worry about were meta descriptions, header tags, and stuffing as many keywords as possible onto a your homepage? As technology has evolved and consumers have grown with it, automotive marketers have had to grow […]

Social Mobilization

Social Mobilization

In 1773, under cover of darkness and fueled by anger over unfair taxation, a group of Massachusetts colonists disguised as Native Americans boarded three British ships and dumped about 46 tons of tea into Boston Harbor. Patriot leader Samuel Adams organized the famous Boston Tea Party and about 100 people participated. Imagine if during this early act of social […]

What is Blockchain?

What is a Block Chain?

Google, “What is Blockchain?” and you get pages of results promising to explain it simply. Lies. It’s not quite that simple. If you don’t have advanced degrees in mathematics, software engineering or finance, those definitions will likely make your head spin. Imagine being an SEO or PPC expert and trying to explain the internet in the […]

Automotive Marketing Terminology

New automotive marketing terminology & buzzwords are popping up all the time in marketing. SEO, content marketing, and influencers, are some common terms most marketers are familiar with. But when it comes to automotive marketing, the terms and their abbreviations can certainly be confusing. What is VDP? What is Conquesting? What is CTR? What is […]

South Florida Marketing Terms

South Florida Marketing Terms

The jargon for marketing and advertising has changed considerably over the years, especially here in South Florida! Some terms remain important and consistent: ROI (return on investment—what are we getting for our money?) or wearables (Shirts, coosies, hats, and other items advertising your brand). However, the digital age has brought with it a new buzzwords and phrases that […]