Let Me Tell You a Story

It’s a big, big, digital world out there, filled with every type of media you can think of. You might be left wondering, How do you get your content noticed amidst the

Make It Human

Honestly, we’re so good at writing for machines that when technology inevitably takes over, communication won’t be an issue. Seriously, when it comes to writing for a machine, we’ve got it down.

Marketers That Are Making a Difference

When people think of marketing, what normally comes to mind is cut-throat, cold calling, and greed. But let’s not forget that even the nonprofits need marketing — if not more than your

Do’s and Don’ts of Podcasting

A couple of months ago, my husband and his friend started a podcast. You wouldn’t know this because while they have spent many-a-nights drinking beer and talking into the microphone about movies,

Do Good. Feel Good.

We’ve all had trouble deciding which brand to buy at the grocery store. You stand in front of the rows of orange juice aisle and notice there are a dozen brands and

Learning The Creator’s Game

Have you ever been driving when your phone dies, leaving you lost? That’s how I felt before I first started at On Target Digital Marketing. Luckily, On Target became my compass —

Random Places To Find Content Inspiration

We all know how hard writing can be. Finding the right words to capture your audience’s attention while also establishing yourself as a thought leader in your space can feel like a

How Content Can Transform Your Business

“Content is king.” You’ve heard it before. Hell, we’ve said it before, and with good reason — it’s the root of everything on the internet. Content is crucial to your business’ success,

Beyond Your Blog, Where Should Your Content Live?

An inspiring female rapper by the name of Missy Elliott once said, “I put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it.” I thought about it these past few days while writing

Words Matter

As a digital marketer, you want to make the most out of your digital marketing plan. That’s why we’ve put together these 23 carefully crafted digital marketing tips! Yes, that was written

Is Content Really The King?

We’ve all heard the Bill Gates quote, “Content Is King,” but what does that really mean? Is it really worth taking the time to add daily social media posts, weekly blogs, and

Marketing and Leadership

 Leadership is about how you present yourself — especially when it comes to content marketing. Taking your content to the next level is about being confident in your own expertise, and