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Hey there. Do you love digital marketing? Do you love social media? Pizza? Wings? Cookies and coffee? If we had you at coffee, we need to talk. We’re looking for a few amazeballs human beings who can help take our team to a whole new level. We don’t want slackers. We don’t need whiners. We need self-starters. We need caffeine addicts. We need people who love to be creative, who love other humans, and who have a can-do, let’s get ‘er done attitude. Sound like you? Hit us up using the form below and we’ll have you over for some high octane coffee.

OT Team in Workshop Room

Current OT Digital Marketing Openings

Content Creator / Copywriter

You love to write. We love writers. You love being creative, our clients love creative. We’re seeking a content creator with guts, with gusto, with a true passion for the English language. We’re looking for a bright, enthusiastic, energetic, good human being who loves to be a part of a team. A person who brings it every day. A person who cares about our clients deeply and will always go the extra mile for them. Sound like you? Oh, also, must love coffee.  This full time opportunity comes with a veritable plethera of  life giving benefits, so be sure to to check it out and apply below. Learn more deets here >>

Digital Marketing Strategist/Networker (Sales)

As our new digital marketing strategist, you’ll seek out and find opportunities for On Target to help grow the success of small to medium-sized businesses in Orlando and throughout the United States. You’ll isolate and find the most effective networking opportunities, you’ll get active in our local community as a digital marketing resource and an all-around swell person. You’ll live to meet new people and introduce them to how On Target can transform their business. You’ll play nice with our team and seek to grow the mission of On Target. Oh, and you’re the type of person that is self-driven, motivated and hungry to fuel not only your own success, but that of On Target.

Content Advisor

Do you love the Internet? Do you love social media? Do you read blogs and consider yourself a bit of a grammar geek? We’d love to talk to you because we’ve got an amazing new opportunity at On Target. We love creating amazing content for brands across the United States and it’s for us to spread the word (see what we did there?)

The On Target Content Advisors help prospective clients by assessing and advising on their current web site content, social media content and blog content. Content is king and we’re here to banish the bland and create amazing written, audio and video content that transforms brands and their online presence.
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Internship Availability

Digital Marketing Internship

On Target’s Intern program offers interns an opportunity to work in a fast-paced search performance environment. The program will help you apply your skills to real-life situations that matter to each business by connecting humans to brands through digital marketing.
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Audio Content/Podcasting Internship

If mixing, microphones, and sound effects are right up your alley, we want to talk to you. The On Target content team is seeking a few interns to join us this Fall 2019. Our amazing clients are loving our new podcast services and we’d love to give you some hands-on experience with pre and post-production work on our audio content services.
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Content Creation Internship

If you can write and love the Internet, we should most def talk. As our content creation intern, you’ll learn, plan, strategize and create amazing content and watch how it impacts our clients through data analysis. We’ll have cookies, movies, cotton candy, and some amazing opportunities for you to learn and grow as a content marketer. We’re lying. We don’t really have cotton candy. But, we do have coffee.

Social Media Internship

You’ll learn, plan, execute, implement and have a swell time as our Social Media Intern. You’ll work on actual cases, brainstorm with our creative team, work with our amazing editors and sample amazing coffee while you’re with us. A typical internship with us boasts a flexible schedule and can last up to 8 weeks.

Graphic Design Internship

Do you love to doodle? Want to do it for some real digital marketing applications? We’d love to chat with you. Whether you love creating logos, creating captivating imagery for social media or just drawing stick figure cats, we have an amazing learning experience for you.


Web Design Internship

When you want some real, hands on experience and want to learn from some web design pros, you need to intern at On Target. From creating wireframes, comps, layouts, and more and some real cases, you’ll learn from some of the best in the industry.


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