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Eden Body Art Studios

Services Rendered

  • Organic Content
  • Digital Advertising
  • SEO
  • Website Development & Maintenance

About the Client

Eden Body Art Studios is the premier tattoo studio for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. (Truthfully, we think they’re the best tattoo parlor in the entire US… Check out their Instagram page if you don’t believe us.)  Founded by artist Deanna James and her husband Colton, Eden Body Art sets out to produce the highest quality art and create the best possible experience for their clients. Their work is immaculate and wide-ranging.

Organic Content

Tattoos are permanent investments, so it’s critical that someone trust a tattoo studio as well as the artist before going under the needle. One way Eden establishes itself as “not your granddad’s tattoo studio” is through its content strategy. Our team wants each client to become a trusted resource for their target audience, and this brand trust will keep people coming back time and again.

We collaborated with the Eden Body Art team to establish a content plan that supports SEO goals as well as provide resources for anyone looking to get a tattoo. The content’s tone remains professional and approachable. The information goes beyond the average and dips into the truths about tattooing that other parlors can leave out. The goal of each piece is to continue to build a breadth of documents that potential clients can use to learn more about the process before signing up for a consultation.

Digital Advertising

Eden wanted to amplify the work of a few artists, so our team created ads that showcased the artists’ available flash tattoos. We utilized several formats across Facebook and Instagram to facilitate multiple touchpoints. By generating leads native to the platform, we used trust and brand equity to encourage potential clients to get their questions answered, take advantage of flash tattoo sales and ultimately sign up for an appointment.


Tattoo studios can seem like a dime-a-dozen shop. Search Engine Optimization is an important element in separating Eden’s clientele from other customers looking for more traditional tattoo parlors. Our team established a baseline of keywords unique to Eden — both branded and service-based — that were foundational to the larger messaging strategy.

Website Development & Maintenance

Eden needed a sleek, sexy website that was image-driven to showcase the gorgeous body of work being done at the studio. Our development team crafted an easy-to navigate website with a black-white-and-gray color palette. These neutrals let the colorful tattoos showcased throughout pop out.

We continue to support any adjustments, changes, or tweaks that Eden needs to make. Artists shift, new services are added, and more forms are necessary on the site. We’ll make those adjustments or get the Eden team set up to customize and add their own imagery once we develop the page framework.