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Title Boxing Club

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  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Advertising

About the Client

Title Boxing Club is on track to open it’s 300th location by 2025. After signing an international deal to expand into 9 additional countries on November of 2022, TBC is the premiere destination for boxing related workouts. Considered the world’s leading authentic heavy bag boxing club, Title offers an opportunity to join boxing enthusiasts and beginners alike, to embark on a journey to health and share the physical and mental growth in a supportive and engaging environment.

Social Media Management

With a presence built on explosive, high energy campaigns, expanding into social media meant not only maintaining that energy, but using it as a springboard to help take things to the next level. With the collective goals of introducing the brand to new potential loyalists as well as increasing memberships, Title’s social media presence and messaging had to leverage and amplify the brands mantra of helping others achieve levels of fitness and confidence not readily available by traditional gyms. Our social team leaned heavily on creating engaging and captivating visuals. Using a combination of all walks of life, we portrayed a true to life reflection of the TBC members. From elite athletes to overweight dad bods, our campaigns spoke to people at their level, whatever it may be. With campaigns ranging from new signups and free trials, to existing members not getting the most out of their membership and campaigns designed to attract new boxing & fitness instructors, On Target was able to truly leverage the power of social media to deliver a knock out punch for Title Boxing Club.

Social Media Advertising

A wide array of campaigns were created, utilizing several formats available in social media platforms. By generating leads native to the platform, we utilized trust and brand equity to encourage potential members to get their questions answered, take advantage of offers and ultimately sign up. Whether it was a female only class, or a class designed for teacher appreciation, our campaigns hit the mark, crushed goals and allowed our team to continue doing what they do best.

After attending Title Boxing Club’s national franchisee conference in Nashville, Tennessee by invitation, the On Target team was able to immerse themselves in a deep dive of the brand’s core goals, messaging and plans for the future. Taking what we learned and implementing that into the realm of social media helped our team to hit our goals, keep owners happy, and fresh faces coming through the doors of Title Boxing Club.