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Engage Your Fans with Event Management Digital Marketing

You show up hours before anyone else. As the day goes by, you wonder if vendors will be on time, the venue will get set up properly and your fans will actually show up. And then, it happens: the crowd arrives. Your event sells out and goes more smoothly than expected. This is what you hope will happen every time, but if you work in event management, you know that you need to expect the unexpected.

There was a time when you could advertise your event by stapling posters to bulletin boards, passing out flyers at similar events, and getting ads in a few local newspapers. But we’re in the digital age now. Without digital marketing, your event can get lost in the shuffle.

On Target has worked with businesses on all sides of event management, from venues and rental companies to event promoters. Events coordinators are busy people, and we help them see the full potential of their events.

Stick to Your To-Do List; We'll Handle the Marketing

In many cases, being an event organizer means working with small teams to handle an excessively long list of tasks, from finding the perfect venue and ordering the right equipment to planning out the perfect run of show and hoping it goes as planned. 

Add marketing your event to the list, and your team can get overwhelmed pretty quickly. As your digital marketing partner, we’ll handle the social media campaigns, the email reminders, and making sure your website sells tickets while getting your fans all the information they need. 

Event organizers can benefit from any number of services, but what we’ve found works best is social media advertising, email newsletters and having an up-to-date and easy-to-use website. Learn about all of our services here

We Love Events

From charity galas to comic book conventions, we’re passionate about making events stand out online and driving sales to make them successful. Working in the event industry, you help people escape from their day-to-day and experience something truly unique. Let us take care of the marketing for you.

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On Target was born digital. From the dawn of digital marketing (or close to it), our company provided digital marketing services for clients in a variety of industries. We make sure your brand is seen your target audience, from the ones who’ve never heard of you to those who just need a tiiiiny push before they commit.


We start out by getting to know each other. In discovery, you meet the On Target team and learn all about the experts behind your digital marketing. Then, we discuss your business: your culture, your KPIs, your competitors and what’s kept you from reaching your marketing goals so far.


Based on the discovery session, we get right to work figuring out the best strategy for your business. Our strategies are based on marketing expertise, industry research, and your business needs. Once we have outlined a strategy, we discuss it with you, and fine tune it based on that discussion.


This is the part where we make the magic happen. Our expertise, research and creativity come together to create marketing campaigns that your target audience will love. Then, with your approval, we get those campaigns up and running so you can start reaping the rewards.


Your website and social media pages need to look like the best version of your brand. After all, most companies only get one (maybe two) shots at impressing a visitor. We prioritize establishing trust and optimize your content to be meaningful for your audience.


The internet is an ever-changing place. You need to keep up with important trends (the TikTok kinds AND the Google kinds) in order to excel. We offer marketing maintenance that uses fresh content and strategy to keep your website feeling fresh to customers and algorithms alike.


Success isn’t always a numbers game, but tracking the highs and lows of important metrics sure does help. “Set it and forget it” might be good for a slow cooker, but it’s not viable in the fast-paced digital world. Our reporting unpacks metrics and offers strategic tweaks for continued improvement.