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New England Recycling

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  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Advertising
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design

About the Client

New England Recycling provides commercial, residential and construction waste and recycling services throughout the northeast. Almost all materials collected are recycled and converted into renewable energy. New England Recycling operates a large licensed construction and demolition recycling facility as well as offering dumpsters for rent, accepting all materials banned from landfills in the northeast.

Social Media Management

Seeking a presence on social media, NER engaged On Target to create and manage accounts across all popular social media channels. After immersing ourselves in the company and culture, our team was able to clearly understand both the commercial and residential sides of the industry. We began crafting social media posts highlighting the importance of recycling efforts and showcasing the process of internally sorting and recycling as much of the deposited materials as possible. By explaining to the community the services offered by NER, we were able to foster growth and trust with one of the northeast’s fastest growing recycling centers.

Paid Advertising

With the initial goal of focusing on the the dumpster rental side of the business, our team performed extensive keyword research to learn what potential customers are searching for. Armed with a list of laser focused keywords, our paid search team crafted a very specific Google Ads campaign designed to increase inbound sales opportunities. With a flurry of inbound leads generated almost immediately, NER decided to double-down and reinvest more adspend to increase sales even more – a strategy that certainly paid off in dividends. Over time, our team was able to greatly reduce the cost per click, and to focus only on high converting keywords. As our Quality Score increased, our cost-per-click diminished overtime, allowing us to generate even more leads from within the same budget. Our strategy also involved slowing spend during the harsh northeast winters, so stockpile the budget for warmer months, another strategy that was a massive win for the company.


With minimal organic rankings, our goal with the new website was to improve organic and relevant traffic. With lots of potential coming from the longevity of the company, we were able to properly leverage a well aged domain name and immediately increase rankings for our target keywords. Over time, the website found favor with Google, and the website found itself on page 1 organically for the same keywords we were paying for. By changing the overall marketing strategy to pay mostly for keywords the website didn’t rank organically for, our conversions from organic rankings skyrocketedm, with the best conversion rates from any traffic source. And by properly dispersing keywords across paid and organic, we were able to cover more ground by targeting even more keywords. Looking at Google Insights, NER was now gobbling up more market share than ever before.


Our copywriting team set out to make recycling glamorous. By appealing to a sense of community, our messaging for NER was designed to showcase the importance and ease of recycling. Blog articles, website content and social media posts all highlighted a cohesive message that resonated, just like the new phone calls coming in.

Website Design

NER was suffering from a tired, worn out web presence. On Target designed and built a brand new modern website designed to be mobile friendly and full responsive, and ridiculously easy to use. By better converting traffic from all sources, the website quickly paid for itself within the first 3 months!

With a massively improved web presence, active and growing social media accounts, and an influx of fresh leads coming in, New England Recycling attracted the eyes of Waste Innovators, one of the largest waste & recycling companies in the country. A very successful deal was struck, and NER joined the ranks of over 10 other combined companies under the Waste Innovators umbrella. We never like to lose a client, but if we do, it’s always nice when it’s because we did our job!