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The On Target Humanizing Process

Throughout our vibrant office, there’s a feeling that we’re all in this adventure together. We support one another, we care about one another, we’ve got each other’s backs, and we celebrate victories together. When our Marketing director lost her pet snail Rocko to a tragic salt spilling incident, we grieved together. We are human, and every pixel, every word, and every website that we create is infused with humanity. It’s built and designed to touch hearts, inspire confidence and bring all the feels. Here’s how it goes down ↓


We begin with a branding brief and style guide as we discover the heart of your company. Our primary objective is to humanize your brand. That humanity will permeate your website copy, blog posts, social media channels, and boilerplates. We’ll have cookies, cocoa, hug it out a few times and get down to work. This is a magical experience that will help us help you and get to know your brand, tone, style, personality, and eye color.


Once we’ve had a discovery session with your marketing team, we get to work creating a marketing roadmap to digital success. This roadmap will contain all the secrets of the universe. We’ll analyze your competition, have a frank discussion about your website, and examine budgets, tactics, social media, SEO, advertising, analytics, content production, and online and offline possibilities — and then the magic begins.


It’s time for us to get down into the nitty-gritty details. We’ll start building you a kickass website that would make Mom AND Grandma proud. You won’t find another team more obsessed with making you AND your target audience happy. It’s borderline weird, but hey, it’s our thing and you’ll be pleased as punch. BTW, we don’t sub this stuff out to 3 different countries. It’s all done in house so that we maintain control of quality.


It’s finally time to show off your shiny new website! Going forward, we’ll partner with you to find your brand’s voice, establish thought leadership, and engage your target audience. We’re here for you, new best friend, oh, and by the way, it’s really okay to shower us with gifts. Tom loves bourbon, Monique is a huge fan of Barry Manilow, Shonte loves it when you just pay your bills on time, and Rick is happy with a hockey puck. Just sayin’.

“It’s great to be great, but it’s greater to be human.”– Will rogers

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Whether you’re marketing technology, financial services, or food additives, you have a story to tell. We help you tell it, through digital marketing, compelling content, podcasting, creative web design, SEO, and engaging social media.

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