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We’re A Digital Marketing agency based out of Orlando.

Who We Are (And Who We’re Not)

Let’s start with who we’re not. “Innovators,” “disruptors,” “bleeding-edge creatives ready to scale your marketing efforts with proven best practices.”

Other agencies use this jargon to describe themselves. (Don’t worry; we cringe, too.) But at On Target, you get a team that bypasses the buzzwords and aims for authenticity on every project. Yes, we are marketers, but we’re not traditional. Our non-traditional background is what’s kept us around for 15 years — far longer than most agencies our size.

Highly-caffienated wordsmith Tom Jelneck founded On Target over 15 years ago after realizing he had talent with a keyboard. Initially founded as an SEO agency, On Target quickly became Orlando’s best SEO and content marketing agency. And while Tom has recently gone on to new adventures, the team he equipped and trained continues to present excellent results and comprehensive strategies to our clients.

Over the years, On Target’s services evolved to include:

  • Podcasting
  • PPC Strategy
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • And a bunch of other services that still surprise us.

In short, we help our clients connect with who they want to talk to and figure out how that audience wants to be talked to.

But really, who are we?

We’re a communications-focused marketing agency that believes all brands — no matter their size — have the opportunity to make a difference for their customers. We’re an in-house team of editors, writers, account managers, and designers who spend each day figuring out how to get brands connected with the right audience. (And we’re damn good at our jobs. Just ask our clients!)

We believe that content should be whatever your audience needs it to be: meaningful, inspiring, hilarious, shareable, helpful, educational. At On Target, we create with your end audience in mind — no egos, no marketing jargon, no empty promises.

We’re quality marketing that aims higher so you can go farther.

Tired of meaningless jargon without meaningful results? Let’s get coffee and talk about it.

“How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” – Seth Godin

Executive Team

Welcome to a different way of thinking. Welcome to an agency that thrives on winning. An agency that loves to create the amazing. We dare to create the remarkable daily. Meet our amazing management team!

Michael Piccoli


Monique Diefendorf

Chief Operating Officer

Rick Diehl

Director of Paid Advertising

Shonte Jelneck

Account Controller/HR

Kris Mortensen

Director of Sales & Business Development

Diana Galvin

Content Specialist/Project Manager

Shelby Rogers

Content Specialist/Account Manager

Conor O’Brien

Web Developer

Andrey Kudrin

Web Developer

Todd Lydy

SEO Specialist

Mishelle Singh

Content Specialist

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