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Media Buying

Smarter Media Placements for Higher Returns

In traditional marketing outlets, creating the perfect advertisement is sometimes only half the marketing battle. In today’s multi-channel, multi-screen, multi-tasking world, you’ve got to work smarter and harder to compete for consumers’ attention. Luckily, On Target’s team is equipped and ready to place your voice, video, or print advertisement in the exact right spot, at the exact right time, in front of the exact right people.

Media buying is perfect for any brand wanting to make a big splash in the public eye. Want your brand name to be everywhere? Media buying can help you be where your target audience is. Whether you’re looking for billboards, full-market TV ad spots, or radio bits, we can help you walk through the process from start to finish. Our creatives can even storyboard your ideas to help bring them to life while partnering with a media group. 

With over 19 years in the business, we know how to outsmart the big brands with sky-high budgets. On Target works smarter and harder to out-maneuver bigger marketing players so our clients can outshine the competition. We’ll work alongside your budgets to create a plan for maximum exposure and maximum brand recognition. We’ll also work with your company to create a way KPIs will be measured and ROI evaluated so you can see the sweet, sweet fruits of your labor.