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While some see Public Relations as a separate entity from marketing, we believe we can and will make it work as a part of your overall marketing strategy. Public relations puts you in charge of the messaging sent from your brand to your audiences through your own channels like your website, and through public channels like the media. We are happy to leverage the established relationships On Target has relationships with local and national media contacts for our clients covering a wide array of media outlets including newspapers, magazines, social media, TV, and radio. You could be one press release away from getting the news coverage your company deserves.

Increasing and maintaining your positive reputation online.

Press releases are not the only avenue we will rely on to spread your strategic messaging to your target publics. Public relations strategies can be implemented during each phase of your marketing plan from social media to events to advertising to direct mail marketing. We will create a unified communications strategy that ensures the messaging you want to put out is always consistent.

Depending on the nature of your industry and your role within the community, reputation management may be one of your priorities we identify for your tailored marketing plan. Using advanced analytics techniques to comb through thousands of social media mentions, we can evaluate your online sentiment rating to determine what actions should be taken to either increase or maintain your positive reputation online. Both new and established companies can reap the rewards of investing a portion of their marketing budget for positive public relations.