Here’s Why We Love Rescue Zero & Their Fight to Keep First Responders Healthy

When it came to choosing a topical, 100% THC free CBD product, Green Arrow’s journey was frustrating until now. With so many options, we were beyond relieved when we found Rescue 0. A local company (in Boca Raton) that not only has a topical product, but one that was specifically formulated to help first responders […]

Did Google Images remove ‘Labeled for Reuse’ as an image search option?

google remove labeled for reuse as an image search option?

It appears that Google may have changed their long standing policy on allowing users to search for images that are ‘Labeled for Reuse’!   A handy tool used by many people, was the ability to perform a Google Image Search, and filter the results by a variety of usage rights, including: not Filtered by License […]

Auto Body Marketing: More Cars In Your Shop

Auto Body Marketing

Auto Body Marketing: More Cars In Your Shop Some people might not think that marketing has any place in the auto and collision repair industry. We beg to differ with that faulty logic. Today, the first place most consumers head for information is to social media and websites, so if you’re not maximizing your online […]

South Florida Marketing Agency

South Florida Marketing Agency

When hiring a marketing agency to help your business grow, it can be tempting to go with an online or national digital agency, and for some businesses—online or large international ones—that can be a good fit. But when you’re looking to grow your business in South Florida, it’s important to hire an agency that knows […]

Custom Logo Design: Why Is It Important?

Custom Logo Design

How important is a custom logo design? Consider it this way: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a logo can be worth a thousand—or million or billion—sales. E.g. One look at these iconic logos and people of all ages can easily identify the companies they represent. As a vital part of your brand […]

Social Media Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing

Social media has evolved significantly from its humble beginnings as a place for friends and family to keep in touch and share pictures. Now, people look to social media outlets for news, relevant information, and recommendations on everything from books, restaurants, and things to do on vacation to health care providers. That’s right, social media […]

Marketing Luxury Used Cars | 3 Simple Tips

Marketing Luxury Used Cars

When it comes to marketing luxury used cars, one of the most important things to remember is that you aren’t just selling a car, you’re selling a lifestyle. An image. An identity. Therefore, to sell luxury used cars, you need to extol not only the virtues of the car but also the idea of what […]

Construction Marketing

construction marketing

In construction marketing, many businesses are lulled into a false sense of security believing that their work speaks for itself. Indeed, that’s true; word-of-mouth and referrals are great ways to leverage relationships with existing customers to reach new ones, but it’s crucial to create brand recognition and awareness through media as well. ACCREDITATION A great […]

4 Reasons to Use Pre-roll Ads

Pre-roll Ads

What IS a Pre-roll Ad? You know the short video advertisement that plays directly before the video you really want to watch? That’s a pre-roll ad. They’re usually 15, 30 or 60 seconds long, and the premise is straightforward: The user is engaged waiting for their desired content so they are likely to watch the […]

3 Benefits of Social Media For Your Business

benefits of social media advertising

If you could spend less than 10 hours a week and little to no money to increase brand awareness, website traffic and sales, would you do it? That’s what social media marketing can do for your business, and it’s why about 96% of marketers are participating in some form of this cost-effective and results-producing resource. […]