Keeping Up with the Compliances

In some industries, marketing is like the wild, wild west. You’ve probably seen some crazy antics in car commercials and clothing ads that you had no idea were clothing ads. Some fields, however, have to deal with a thing called compliance. Simply put, this is a list of items that your company can and cannot […]

What the Google Year in Search Video Tells Us About Marketing and Ourselves

Every year, Google compiles the trillions of searches done on its platform into one streamlined story. And every year, I cry. As a content creator, those 2-3 minute videos leave me awed (and insanely jealous) of the narrative skill at Google’s marketing division. Seriously, y’all, save some of that talent for the rest of us.  […]

Social Media Marketing: Where Engagement Matters Most

By Shelby, Senior Content Strategist From YouTube to Instagram, Social Media Marketing continues to rise. Over 86 percent of women admit to consulting social media before purchasing an item, and 71 percent of consumers are more likely to buy something favorably represented via social media. However, the growing pressure to “be somebody” on the internet […]

Partners in Digital Crime

Google Partner Badge, Green Arrow’s Partner in Digital Crime. Green Arrow always stays in front of new trends that emerge in the world of digital marketing. Paid search, or PPC as you may know it, has been a continuously dominate channel in the world of digital marketing. Wondering why this should matter to you? Here’s […]

Blog Metrics Worth Measuring

Blog Performance Metrics Worth Measuring

When we suggest to clients that they should have a blog, some resist. Are blogs still relevant? Aren’t they so 2010? Actually, no. Research shows that brands utilizing a blog on their site generate nearly 70% more leads than their blogless competitors. How do you track a blog’s performance? What are the blog metrics you […]

Digital Dead Space : A Marketing Short Story.

Mark, startled by the jarring alarm clock next to his bed sprang to his feet. He was ready. Today was the day. The big day. The day that he’s been anticipating and waiting for not so patiently for months now. It was website launch day. This. Was. Going. To. Be. Huge. Mark raced to the […]

Marketing To Today’s Consumer : Learn About ZMOT

Your prospects and customers obviously shop for products and services WAY differently than they did even 10 years ago. John Terry and I dig deep into consumer behavior and drop some knowledge on you via our marketing podcast series, The SmartAss Marketer. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and hopefully, you’ll get some insight into how we […]

Stop Selling The What. Start Selling The Why.

John Terry, Chief Storytelling Officer and Tom Jelneck, President & CEO of On Target discuss an approach to Digital Marketing that many brands need to embrace in their latest podcast. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your WHY and how we can help craft and distribute your story online. Call 866-998-6886. Thanks for listening and […]

On & Off Target: Brawny Brings Women Smiles & Dove Makes Them Cringe

As digital marketers, it’s natural for creative ideas to fluctuate between absolute genius and complete madness. What often could be construed as a good idea on the surface can completely backfire when displayed in front of the masses. We are talking Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull disastrous. Pepsi’s now infamous Kendall […]

Small Business Marketing Tips

Delray Beach Marketing Tip

Marketing Tips: Is your business too small to hire a marketing company right now? Here are a few Marketing Tips you can do to help grow your business through advertising. Facebook Ads: If you are a local business and even if you can only put $1 a day into advertising, set up a “Local Awareness” ad on Facebook. […]