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Partners in Digital Crime

Google Partner Badge, Green Arrow’s Partner in Digital Crime.

Green Arrow always stays in front of new trends that emerge in the world of digital marketing. Paid search, or PPC as you may know it, has been a continuously dominate channel in the world of digital marketing.

Wondering why this should matter to you? Here’s why; we hope you’re taking notes.

Not only is this where you are going to spend a good portion of your digital marketing budget, it is also where you are going to see a substantial return. That return will depend on the conversions you track and can be seen both physically and digitally (dollars/leads).

Since a lot of your money and our time goes into managing your Google Ads account (PPC), it is important to point out that Green Arrow is a recognized Google Partner!

Google Partner

What is a Google Partner Badge?


To receive a Google Partners Badge, our team had to complete a number of tutorials and exams provided by Google Ads—the platform where we create and manage PPC accounts. These exams qualify us in multiple areas of paid advertising.


Some of the different advertising areas include:

  1. Google Ads Search
  2. Shopping Ads
  3. Google Ads Mobile
  4. Google Ads Display
  5. Google Ads Video


So what do you get when you work with an agency that is a Recognized Google Partner?

  1. You get hands-on recognized Experts:  When spending your companies money on PPC, you want reassurance that you have people working on your campaigns that will deliver the best results possible, recognized Google experts.
  2. Your account stays up to date with the latest updates and PPC information: As Google Partners we are the first to know about upcoming changes happening in Google Ads. That gives us the opportunity to prepare and stay ahead of the curve.
  3. Prioritized TLC: Google takes extra special care of their google partners, this includes having a google account strategist assigned to our team to provide insight in optimizing and strategizing PPC campaigns.
  4. They Have Quick Turn Around on Anything That Pops Up: It’s comforting to know that if an issue spontaneously occurs, it will be dealt with ‘on the fly’. We have a team of Google support we can reach out to immediately so that there is a quick turn around to whatever your account might need.
  5. BETA Features: Some of the best new performing assets in Google ads, such as Responsive Search Ads, started as a beta test that was only available to Google Partners. That gives us a huge advantage and in the competitive world of paid advertising, every advantage is helpful in running successful campaigns!