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Digital Dead Space : A Marketing Short Story.

Mark, startled by the jarring alarm clock next to his bed sprang to his feet. He was ready. Today was the day. The big day. The day that he’s been anticipating and waiting for not so patiently for months now. It was website launch day. This. Was. Going. To. Be. Huge. Mark raced to the sink, brushed his teeth a bit more quickly than usual, jumped in the shower and was in and out in 3 minutes, got dressed and took his coffee to go. The adrenaline pumped and mixed with the black coffee in his veins and he hastily sped to the office. In true form, Mark hit EVERY stoplight on the way making his trek that much longer.


He took the first parking spot he could get, tore open the car door and hastily trucked it to the building. Running up the stairs, he booked it to his office nearly tripping over Jerry who, as usual, was downing a white powdery donut and trickling powdered sugar all over the office floor. He fired up his iMac and could barely wait for it to boot up. Tapping his fingers impatiently on the desk he launched a browser. He pulled up the company website. The shiny new website sprang to life. “There it was” he thought, “it’s beautiful. So clean, so simple, so easy to navigate!” His boss was going to love him for this. He’ll be getting a raise / promotion in no time (and it’s about time). This new site was everything. Until it wasn’t.

Mark’s a smart marketer. This wasn’t his first rodeo. It was definitely not his first website launch. But what Mark didn’t think through was his content strategy. While the shiny new site had amazing new-fangled bells and whistles, it was built for the CEO. Every section. Every word was dictated by the CEO. It featured all of the products, all of their services and spoke in great detail about the gizmos and technical specs of each of their products. It. Was. A. Snoozefest.


As Mark’s carefully planned and executed Google AdWords campaign came to life it pushed people to those new product pages, pages that told the consumer ALL about the what. All of those technical specs, all of those technical diagrams of their products and how they worked. No One Cared. No One Purchased. No One Even Stuck Around.


Here’s Mark’s problem. People buy because they feel something. They buy from your company because they have an emotional attraction to your company. They buy because they trust you. They buy because you’ve done a remarkable job of pulling them into your world. Marketing today is so incredibly different than what it was even five years ago. It’s all about an attention span. It’s all about standing out and doing things WAY differently than your competitors. It’s writing copy from a different vantage point, it’s creating a video that speaks to humans about WHY your brand does what it does. It’s all about creating social content that doesn’t sell, but engages. It’s all about being human in a digital world and attracting humans who want to be treated like a human, that’s how Mark can win. That’s how your brand can win.

If your marketing is falling flat these days, we should talk. We help companies just like Mark’s tell different stories and stand out. We helped Mark bring his brand spanking new website back to life by writing stories that inspired humans. We helped Mark by getting him to look at digital marketing in a whole new light. We helped Mark kickass and take names. We even bought Jerry some more donuts.

Mark got that raise and that promotion (GO Mark!!!!). Today, he starts every marketing meeting by asking a simple question to his marketing team “Why would people buy this from us?”

Why do people buy from your brand?
How can you create ‘stuff’ that they actually want to read?
We can help get you there.

I hope you enjoyed this short,

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