What the Google Year in Search Video Tells Us About Marketing and Ourselves

Every year, Google compiles the trillions of searches done on its platform into one streamlined story. And every year, I cry. As a content creator, those 2-3 minute videos leave me awed (and insanely jealous) of the narrative skill at Google’s marketing division. Seriously, y’all, save some of that talent for the rest of us.  […]

So You Have A Single-Page Site…

man working at computer

We have gathered you here today to discuss the elephant in the room— your website. We hear your cries, we feel your pain, and we’re here to help. It’s time to intervene on your single-page site. Sure, someone, somewhere down the line convinced you that this was a good idea, that it was everything you […]

How to Humanize Your Brand

We’re living in an automated world. When you call a company, a recorded voice likely greets you. Then you go through robotic prompts before speaking to a person— if you speak to one at all. We order coffee, buy food, get gas and do much more without ever seeing another human. We call it “modern […]

April Fooled Us

By Madison, On Target Social Media Specialist April is here, and boy have we been fooled (also, wasn’t it just March 2020???). April first, also known as April Fools’ Day, is a day when brands really get to let their hair down and show off their funny bones! To celebrate this whimsical day, we’re highlighting […]

Content is Still King. Here’s How to Keep its Reign Strong in Modern Marketing.

In 1996, Bill Gates published an essay on Microsoft’s website titled “Content is King.” (This essay is short and worth a read. You can find it perfectly preserved here.) Since then, “content is king” has become the go-to philosophy for marketing on the web since content marketing took off in the late ‘90s and early […]

Fuel Up With Some Laughs & Digital Marketing Knowledge

Another amazing podcast being produced at the On Target Studios

With over 30 shows produced, the T2 Tech Talk Podcast is grabbing some market share on the interwebs. True blue listeners (all 34 of them, lol) tune in to hear Tom Craig with Advanced Systems Solutions and Tom Jelneck with On Target break down tech in an easy to digest fashion. The Tom’s realize that […]

Taking Care Of Business : A Millennial Tale

We aren’t here to rag on millennials, but we are here to learn from them. In this episode of our marketing podcast series, Tom, JT, and Monique dive into the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone and how it transforms your marketing strategy. So kick back, relax, and get inspired to take risks, […]

7 Ways A Content Hub Will Enhance Your B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Hubs

Is your B2B digital marketing strategy a spray and pray approach? Are you simply deploying social media content and blog content praying that your target consumer is simply going to magically find your content and be moved to take an action? If so, you’re not alone. I talk to so many B2B marketing folks who […]

Retail Case Study: Branding and Marketing Strategies with Lombardi’s Seafood

Retail marketing is changing. Connecting with the right audience has become the key to success for retailers. Within the last couple of years, the presence and behavior of shoppers has evolved from searching within a singular channel to searching within a variety of places to approach, to learn from, to buy from, and to interact […]