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Your Customers Should Be Your Best Marketers

Back in the day, winning customers was simple; all you had to do was exceed their expectations. Today, customers are the ones with the power. They have more options, more technologies, and more channels to choose from than ever before. They can check Google for reviews, watch YouTube for tutorials, and see the comments — whether positive or negative — that other users leave on your social feeds. Customers aren’t just making their decision based on your sales pitch; they are listening to other people tell your brand story.

Customers Matter

As marketers, we care a lot about the content that is produced. We over-analyze what images would be best, we fine-tune ads, and we try to make everything perfect — all with the intention to drive leads and attract new customers. But none of this compares to the power of your customer’s voice — and no amount of energy and effort can counter a poorly run customer service program.

“The hard truth is that your customers need you a lot less than they used to. They learn from friends, not salespeople. They trust other customers, not marketers. They’d rather help themselves than call you.”

– Hubspot

So why don’t marketers consider their customers as a marketing opportunity? Data shows that they should. Websites that focus on case studies and video testimonials get far more bang for their buck than companies that resell their services over and over again. In a 2016 survey, it was found that only 28 percent of small businesses are allocating funds to customer retention. Instead of wasting effort trying to find new ways to say the same thing, incorporate your customers’ voices within your marketing campaigns.

Your Biggest Cheerleader

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) has increased significantly over the last few years. Incorporating your customers’ voices into your marketing strategy is a fast and efficient way to obtain growth. If you keep your customers happy, you just might turn them into a brand advocate.

  • Give great service.
  • Fix any issues promptly.
  • Start a reward loyalty program that pays with freebies or deals.
  • Engage with your customers online.
  • Host events and show that you are an industry leader.
  • Connect to your customers! Don’t just sell, sell, sell.
  • Find solutions to their problems.

Make your customers your biggest cheerleader and incorporate them into your brand story. You may discover that no one can promote you more effectively.