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You Had One Job

Your boss is riding you. He wants results. He wants them now. He expects top search engine rankings and has tasked you, the marketing manager with the assignment. “Get us to the TOP,” he says. “We need more leads,” he says. You’re up to the task. You’ve done your research. You’ve written copy. You’ve created blogs. You’ve revised meta data and optimized copy, page after page.

The site starts to climb, and you’re getting results. The boss begins to relax a bit, and he sees the progress. He gently nudges you to push harder, “Keep it moving up,” he says. “We’re almost to the top, but not quite yet,” he says.

You ramp it up. More content. More social media interaction. More content marketing and BAM. You’re sitting down with your morning cup of joe on a weekend and decide to do some Googling. You’re number one. You’ve done it. You are a God amongst SEO men. A good job indeed.

The boss is delighted. Of course, he wants better rankings (as if you could do any better than number 1), but that’s the kind of guy he is. Never satisfied. But, you keep pushing on to sustain those rankings by providing rich, amazing content.

Weeks go by. You’re still number one in Google, Bing & Yahoo. You’re on fire. You’re awesome. You’re an SEO master. But wait…..

The boss calls you in one morning. He’s rattled. He’s red in the face. He’s torqued. Oh geez, what now? Haven’t I performed? Haven’t I achieved amazing SEO rankings? My content is getting shared, and people are talking about our stuff online–what am I missing? The boss exclaims, “We’re not getting any leads. Sales are down! What is the problem?” You scratch your head. You’ve crushed it. You’ve nailed it. You got him there!

“When’s the last time you checked the Google Analytics?” the boss asks. You slide back in the shoddy faux leather office chair and perform an internal face palm. Sir, sorry, I haven’t looked in a few weeks. This goes over like a lead balloon with the boss man. “I want a full, detailed report on my desk in 1 hour.”

What Went Wrong?

Upon an in-depth inspection of the company Google Analytics, you find that the bounce rate is off the charts. The website visitors aren’t getting far at all. Sure, the website traffic is up, yes, and the unique visitors are up as a result of organic SEO, BUT, people aren’t sticking around. They aren’t having it; they aren’t getting past the first page or two.

The website, NOT the SEO rankings, is the problem. There are some major design issues. The site isn’t mobile friendly / responsive. The colors are off. The site looks like it was built in 1995 by an IT guy with a pocket protector with a Building Websites For Dummies in MS FrontPage, 1st edition book. You’ve got way bigger problems than website rankings. You, my friend, have a crappy website with amazing rankings.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your SEO rankings if your website simply sucks. Consumers have ZERO time to mess with an inferior website. They want clean, simple, no-nonsense and to the point. Your job as an SEO genius is more than watching rankings and creating great content. It’s paying attention to the way your website visitors are behaving. What are they clicking? What aren’t they clicking? Are they getting to the contact form? What buttons are working, which ones aren’t? Prior to ANY SEO campaign, it’s imperative that you review your website. Is the navigation simple? Is the copy dialed in? Is it secure? Is it responsive? Is it easy to lead people into a sales funnel?

SEO Is WAY Way More Than Rankings.

SEO is way more than rankings. It’s about the user experience. When’s the last time you analyzed your Google Analytics? When’s the last time you refreshed your website? We’re here to help. Our digital marketing rockstars can help you look like a rockstar. Call us today to discuss your digital marketing goals, we’ll get you there. In Orlando, 407-830-4550. Nationwide: 866-998-6886 or fill out our contact form here.