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Unleash The Beast, The Art of an Off-Road Monster | Lifted Trucks

Lifted Trucks, How High Can You Go?


Whether they’re cruising around the track, hauling precious cargo, or crossing tough terrain, unleashing the lifted beast has become a culture of its own!

It might come to surprise that the art of lifting a truck has served purpose dating all the way back to world war 1! The art of lifting a truck became mainstream after big name automotive companies saw opportunity in making lifted trucks available to civilian consumers who were faced with unpredictably wild terrain. Today, the trend has spread to the general population of truck owners in the form of a hobby and form of artistic expression.

While no one can argue the straight badassery of a lifted truck, there are some factual pros:



  1. Bigger Better Tires: Trucks with stock suspension have to use shorter narrow tires. Lifted trucks can use larger tires with more aggressive grooves making it easier to gain traction and less likely to get stuck in the mud or snow.
  2. Towing Capability: while you can tow with stock suspension, heavier loads can make a truck bottom out. This doesn’t happen on a lifted truck.
  3. Lifted trucks just look better. Plain and simple.


When you decide on a lifted truck, you’ll have multiple options to consider from current truck lifting trends across the auto industry including:

  • 18-22″ wheels
  • 32-37″ tires
  • E-coated front strut tower extension
  • Nitrogen-charged rear shocks
  • Compression struts
  • Stainless steel exhaust tips
  • And of course, BATTLE OF THE BRANDS; Chevrolet VS Ford


The possibilities are about as vast as your imagination and mainly limited by creativity.