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Where in the World Can You Write?

It’s been three hours. Wait, no that can’t be right. You’ve only written three sentences. That’s an average of an hour a sentence, and oh no — it’s actually been four hours. Writing can be hard, even for a writer. Inspiration dries up, syntax sounds funny, and we still don’t know what to do about the Oxford comma. When you’re in a rut, changing up your environment can be the key to sparking inspiration.

Create the Perfect Environment

Whether you’re freelance or just love to skip your morning commute, working from home is a great way to get you out of the confining office. It gives you a new environment to sit down and write in and cook a nice breakfast for a change. Oh, and walk the dog. And maybe just finish the dishes in the sink from last night’s dinner. Okay, and then you’re going to go through the mail, and then you’ll start writing!

Writing at home can be freeing, but it can also remind you of all the chores waiting for you around the house. By creating a dedicated writing environment, you’ll learn to automatically equate that space with productivity. Decorate your walls with inspiring quotes, purchase plants to encourage a calming environment, and, most importantly, make sure the coffee is nearby.

Get Out of the Office

There’s a reason coffee houses and writers are a match made in heaven — offices can be stifling to creativity. But don’t limit yourself to just a cliche. There are plenty of creative spots that offer free Wi-Fi, a cup of coffee, and a dose of inspiration. Check out museums, coworking spaces, or set up in your local library. If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi-free zone, check out local parks, or take a trip to the beach.       

Visit a Theme Park (No, Seriously)

In Orlando, we’re blessed with being at the center of tourist nation. Walt Disney World, Universal, and SeaWorld are all close by, and they’re more than just a place to meet a mouse or have your stomach turned upside down on a ride. Each park offers free Wi-Fi — meaning you have a place to write. Bring your laptop and set up on the hub grass outside of Cinderella’s castle, grab a Butterbeer (or a Firewhiskey! We don’t judge.) and find some inspiration in Hogsmeade, or find peace surrounded by sea creatures. In Orlando’s theme parks, creativity is around every corner, and it’s hard to not feel inspired by it.

Sometimes writing looks like staring at a white screen on your laptop, and that’s okay! Digital storytelling doesn’t always come easy, but for the moments when you’re stuck, we can help.