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We’d Like a Large Dose of Fresh Perspectives, Please

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s where the variety of life comes from — every person has a different view. This can make content marketing difficult if you don’t know how to work with it. Your genius idea might not hit the mark your brand is aiming for, and that’s okay. Once you dig into the core of your brand and start working from different perspectives, those marks WILL be hit. So brainstorm some more ideas, and pitch them!

That doesn’t mean picking them randomly and hoping it hits the mark.

Get to know your brand, your product, the people behind the brand, and your customers. Once you start thinking from those points of view, inspiration hits. Authenticity is how quality content is created, and you can’t help but be authentic when you’ve put yourself inside the heart of the brand.

What’s one to do when inspiration falls flat?

Inspiration is widely sought after, but the more you chase it, the further away it seems. The key — now huddle in closely — is to stay curious. Open up your mind to little wonders and watch your creativity soar. Not only will this keep your editorial calendars, blog content, and campaigns fresh, it can help ignite dormant talents and passions you can explore to increase the quality of your life and your work.

For me, I enjoy relaxing by sitting in my yard and watching nature. There are secrets only revealed to those who are patient. Taking time to sit, clear your brain, and observe is an awesome way to teach yourself to be more open and curious. Overanalyzing everything to death is a sure way to kill creativity — it almost guarantees lackluster content. So whether it’s sitting in your yard, reading by the beach, or something else to allow yourself to shut off every once in a while and let the thoughts flow.

One weekend afternoon, I decided to go sit in my yard. Clouds passed by lazily, birds chirped their many tunes, and the wind rustled the trees. A leaf was roused from its branch and slowly floated to the ground next to me. I followed it with my eyes and it brought my attention to a small beetle making its way up a blade of grass. I watched him make it to the top, a little too heavy to be fully supported by the blade, and buoy up and down in the wind. I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to be that beetle, high above the ground, slowly bouncing in the wind. He must have seen the tops of all the other blades of grass, a new perspective he couldn’t get from the ground. I was given new eyes to look through, viewing the landscape in a way I hadn’t before. It was magic.

What does this have to do with content marketing? Honestly — a lot.

Perspectives are infinite, and staying curious means taking a hike into the unknown. You’ll often find yourself looking from an angle you hadn’t considered before. People are unimpressed by the same old stuff floating around the internet and lame attempts at being original. They’re not going to read that content, let alone engage with it when it’s been regurgitated a million times. Your customers and potential customers want a fresh perspective, and your job, as a marketer, is to give that to them.

Don’t be satisfied with the marketing plan you’ve used over and over again. It was a good plan, but now it’s time to switch it up.

If you post a video and it gets more hits than the multiple blogs you’ve posted the entire month — take your ideas on a trek. Try a series of videos, create a Snapchat with ephemeral content, create a live-stream, get creative! Don’t be afraid to jump into the unknown and see if it works. Be adventurous with your ideas, pitch the ones you see taking the brand to another level, and if they’re rejected, climb right back up that blade of grass and take another look. Perspectives are infinite and your brand can truly come alive by opening yourself up and staying curious.

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