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Virtual Reality is Making It’s Way to Orlando


By now, we are sure that you have heard about virtual reality (VR) that is taking the digital world by storm. First came Google cardboard, then came Pokemon Go’s augmented reality, and now virtual reality will come to a major Orlando attraction in the near future. So, what exactly is virtual reality? It can be explained as the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image that can be interacted with in a seemingly real way. Pokemon Go’s recent success has re-vamped people’s interest in this medium, and Orlando Digital Marketing Agency, On Target, wants to tell you about the local efforts occurring to bring virtual reality to the masses.

Halloween Horror Nights is a terrifyingly fun way to explore a favorite tourist and local attraction, Universal Studios. Instead of it’s usual family-friendly ambiance, for a couple of months in the fall, Universal becomes a place for daredevils to show themselves what they are really made of while facing night terrors, such as clowns, chainsaw men, zombies, and more. This year, they’ve decided to create a new experience for their guests, with the implementation of virtual reality in one of their haunted houses. The combination of VR headsets and live storytelling will transport individuals into a tale at an old warehouse with a secret organization.

Since the availability of virtual reality headsets is still relatively new, it’s possibilities are still being explored by Orlando’s Full Sail University. Starting this month, Full Sail has started offering courses within its simulation and visualization program to teach VR development. They predict this booming area of technology will continue its popularity and usefulness to many industries. They’ve even played around with implementing it into a video game, where one wields a Harry Potter-esque wand to fight dementors that look like they are in the same room you are in.

There is no denying that virtual reality still has many applications yet to be explored, and Orlando will continue utilizing and developing this amazing technology along the way. From entertainment to education, the uses for this technology are boundless. We think it may even be implemented into digital marketing! To stay up-to-date locally, follow On Target, Orlando Digital Marketing Agency’s blog.