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Turning the Last Page of 2017

Another year has come and gone and it’s time to address what’s on everyone’s mind: What’s trending on social media and what will continue to trend in 2018?

At On Target, we’ve experienced a cultural and structural shift throughout 2017, and we believe this change is what makes us ready to take the bull by the horns in the new year. No longer does the consumer care so much about what products you have. Your customer is begging to be taken on a journey. Begging to be told a story. But are you ready to tell it?

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook… Oh my!

Throughout 2017, social media took baby steps toward the concept of storytelling. Instagram and Facebook implemented 10-second stories in an effort to compete with Snapchat. With this new intimate, disappearing feature, the sky’s the limit; businesses and influencers are able to execute some of their most creative, engaging, and humanistic content yet.

Facebook Business Profile “Your Story” Section

Recently, Facebook added a new section to your timeline. Underneath the cover photo on the right side of your business profile, seemingly unnoticed is your story. That’s right, your business page can now add an image and a brief origin story, giving followers and stumble-uponers a glimpse into why you do what you do! By latching onto this new feature, your profile will stand out from the rest.

Tag, You’re It

In early December, Instagram launched the ability to follow hashtags. So long are the days of following people and businesses; users can now choose tags to appear on their newsfeeds. Instagram will use a new algorithm to analyze which posts are most recent and of the best quality, and send those to the feed of the hashtag. On a user’s profile, next to the listed followers and following accounts, Instagram will list the hashtags a person follows. This is a great way to get your content in front of eyes that may not be following you or have dug deep into the hashtags they’re interested in. Win!

How can you use this feature to tell your story? Whether marketers have realized it or not, creating specific hashtags and encouraging targeted audiences to follow them is the perfect way to tell a story.

Grids Galore

In 2017, Grammers began to use tools, such as grid-it and 9square, to create beautiful, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds. Instagram accounts can intentionally create layouts to keep followers tuned into their posts or just purely amused by the intricacy of tying the posts together. For example, NBC’s This Is Us did a grid of their main characters back in September!

Storytelling is at the top of the trends as the new year begins, but there’s no telling what new features, applications, and aesthetic ideas will unfold throughout 2018! Buckle up, because social media is still growing and changing!

On Target Digital Marketing is a content-driven digital storytelling agency that helps brands stand out and rise above the noise. Through great storytelling and rich content creation, On Target turns companies into thought leaders. Founded in 2005 as a search engine marketing (SEO) firm, On Target Digital Marketing has evolved into Orlando’s only agency that specializes in creating remarkable online content.