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Find Your Rhythm with Title Boxing Club


Title Boxing Club | National Convention

We’re very fortunate to be able to do work for a great organization like Title Boxing Club. Having been named the Fastest Growing Franchise by Inc. Magazine earlier this year, it’s easy to see why this company is so successful. This year, Green Arrow Marketing was invited to the national convention for franchise owners & vendors. We’re very proud of not only the work we do with Title Boxing Club, but the results we’ve delivered so far.

At the convention, keynote speaker Scott Stratten talked about engaging your clients. By creating a memorable experience for your clients, you retain them longer, lowering your attrition rate, and increase the life value of a client. Marketing can only be effective if you have a value to what you’re offering, and if your clients continue to engage with your brand. Title Boxing Club is empowering franchise owners this week, by making sure they understand the fundamentals of gaining new opportunities through innovative marketing strategies, brand building and customer service. With a recurring revenue model, it’s important to not only gain new customers, but to keep the ones you have, for longer periods of time.


Find Your Rhythm with Title Boxing Club

The theme of this years convention is ‘Find Your Rhythm‘. By helping customers change their lives, they are in turn building the brand. The voice of a thrilled client is more powerful than just about any marketing initiative you can undertake. A sparkling testimonial is one of the best ways to gain new, quality exposure. Being a successful marketer hinges upon making sure potential clients see positive messages about the brand. By strategically gaining new ground in those areas, your marketing efforts are greatly amplified. At Green Arrow Marketing, we are helping to make sure that our Title Boxing Club locations have positive brand messages, and that those messages are broadcast in ways ensuring they’ll be seen by ideal potential customers.

Our experience with Title Boxing Club so far has been extremely positive, and we’re excited to expand or work within the franchise. By delivering great results for our franchise owners as a marketing vendor, we look forward to many great things with the clubs. We’re fortunate to be working with such a great company and eager to continue delivering results. We’ve recently focused on Facebook advertising which has proven extremely effective and has kept the sales teams at our franchises very busy!

If you represent a company looking to expand and gain an influx of new opportunities, we’d love to show you how Green Arrow Marketing is ready to do just that. We offer a wide range of marketing services like SEO, SEM, Pay-Per-Click advertising with Google AdWords and Facebook, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising and more. We excel at creating custom marketing campaigns, as no two clients have the same needs. Our approach is a custom solution, aimed at helping you grow your business. We have budget oriented solutions and can help you put something together that will help you surpass your goals while fitting your budget.

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