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How to Talk About Trending Items that Are Trademarked



This year, we get to experience the largest sporting event in the world. The one that takes place every four years. The one that brings together each country’s best athletes to compete against each other. The one that inspires nationalism and patriotism in competitors and spectators alike. Which event am I talking about? Well, technically, I cannot answer that because I’m not allowed to say it. I’m sure you can make your own deductions, though.

Rule40 and other official committees are barring both athletes and brands from using particular trademarks in their content and social media marketing. The reason for this? To ensure that the brands that do pay for official sponsorship get more value because of limited competing sponsorships. So, what are you allowed to say and not allowed to say? This blog has a list of unmentionables that you’ll want to avoid in any and all marketing.


We’ve seen this type of censorship at other sporting events in the past, especially the big one that the NFL hosts every year. This stifling of speech doesn’t even allow businesses to wish their favorite athletes luck on social media. While these committees and their trademarks are protected, it appears to be a bit unfair to all of the other marketers, internationally, not to be able to take part in this conversation in the very places that the conversations are being held.

So, if you’re a business and you want to take part in this type of conversation, then you would be best advised to avoid using the trademarked phrases altogether. You don’t want to end up with a cease-and-desist letter from a high-powered attorney. You also don’t want to pay those trademark violation bills. They are hefty.

So, if you want to take part in the conversation (without using some of those words you shouldn’t say), you’ll have to do it creatively. With that being said, take note that we wrote a whole blog about that big sporting event without actually naming it. Let On Target help you join in on the conversation through our Orlando digital marketing efforts. Contact us today by calling 866-998-6886.