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Squashing Those Horrendous Digital Marketing Myths

While marketing has been utilized in brand strategy for years, digital marketing is still a fairly new concept for many. The marketing industry has been constantly evolving and expanding its methods to reach out to potential customers throughout the world. How is this all possible? Digital marketing.

While digital marketing continues to shine, there are still a great number of myths and misunderstandings on how it really works. When we dive deeper down into the topic of SEO, we find an immense amount of misconceptions surrounding this paramount and necessary part of marketing.

To help you understand the truths about SEO and digital marketing as a whole, let’s debunk some of those myths.

  1. SEO is a Scam: Wait, what? Unfortunately, many business owners don’t have the full understanding of the successes SEO can bring to their business. If a company guarantees searchers will land on the first page of Google with a “special” price of $50 per month, something is off. However, with patience, determination, and effort, it can bring in customers and make your brand credible.
  2. Meta Tags Aren’t Necessary: Wrong, wrong, wrong. Having meta tags is one of the easiest ways to get your information out there to potential customers. However, correctly establishing them is key to make it benefit you. Make them descriptive, unique, and short. Soon enough, you’ll be on your way to seeing an increase in traffic as you increase the quality of your website and brand.
  3. Google Will do all the Work: Google is smarter than you think. Throwing a bunch of URLs to Google’s crawlers and hoping for the best won’t get you anywhere. What people don’t realize is that Google attempts to think like a human, and these days, it’s pretty darn good at it. Google reads and searches high and low for valuable results that are worthy enough to be at the top.
  4. Social Media has No Effect on SEO: When it comes to social media, it isn’t just about sharing content with thousands of followers. First, understanding who your audience is and what they want is a must before trying to reach out to them. Furthermore, you’ll be able to instantaneously receive feedback and see your company in a new perspective. Social media is one of the easiest ways to engage with these customers and solidify a positive relationship with them. Without a doubt, this is a great way to increase traffic and gain recognition.
  5. Digital Marketing is all about Technology: Where do I even start? Like any other part of the business world, digital marketing requires an attentive team that is careful and dedicated to establishing and carrying out a plan. As stated before, SEO takes time to build in order to see results. Technology is a powerful tool to execute your plans, but the people and process changes within digital marketing are what really brings forth change. All of your channels and communications need to be perfectly aligned in order to head in the right direction.

With the growing number of users, online digital marketing is essential. Whether you’re a small-startup business or a large company, digital marketing can go a long way for us all. By now, you’ve probably come to a realization how crucial Orlando digital marketing is to increase traffic and get your brand out there. Don’t know where to start? On Target’s experience and competence in digital marketing will help you be the best you can be. Call us at 866-998-6886, or contact us online.

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