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Should I Promote or Boost My Facebook Posts? -We help answer your questions.


Are you testing the waters in 2015 with Facebook advertising but aren’t sure where to start or which ad option to choose from? Don’t worry! We can help you navigate the functionality of  Facebook’s boost/promote posts program and determine which type of campaign would be best suited for your digital marketing goals.

First off, I want to give you a big pat on the back for knowing that you need Facebook advertising. The reality is that Facebook recently decreased organic reach for business pages, which means that if you want to reach or market to any of your fans , then you will have to purchase the services . The good news is that you can see success with small to medium advertising budgets.

Jumping into Facebook ads is fairly easy, but people do ask us “Do we boost or promote our posts?” First, ask yourself which social posts are helpful to your audience and which ones will further your goals on Facebook. Great. Now that you have figured that out, here are some helpful hints:

  • Promote only original content. Don’t promote content that is shared or resides on other websites. You are paying for posts, and it is counterproductive to promote a post that will drive traffic elsewhere.
  • Promote content that is helpful to your audience. If you just won an award or have a new employee, then that content doesn’t need to be promoted or paid for. Promote content that will help your audience with tips or education or even a special sale. These are things that can generate  a potential lead and will also provide you with credibility.
  • Know Facebook’s Ad Guidelines. One of the most difficult guidelines is the 20 percent  text rule. Your ads must only have 20 percent  of text in the images or Facebook will not run the ad.

Determining When It’s Appropriate to Boost or Promote a Post

  • Boosting a post is easy and can be done so by clicking the “Boost Post” at the bottom right of each post. Boosting a post gives you the option to reach people who like your page or choose a targeting method that can reach new, potential fans. If you are looking to grow your audience and drive leads, we recommend that you choose to target your boost post. Here is where you will set a maximum budget as well as hone in on your target audience. You can choose demographics such as Location, Age, Gender and Interests. Facebook will then provide you with an estimated number of people that your ad can  reach. This can help drive traffic to your website where you can, in turn, create strong calls to action and lead-capturing capabilities. Don’t forget to track conversions with Facebook’s Conversion tracking tools, so that you can create a report for your advertising spending.
  • Promoting a post is also easy and can be done through the Ads Manager in your Facebook account. Promoting a post opens you up to more targeting, pricing and bidding options that are not available during a boost post. You will have the same demographic options as boosting such as Location, Age, Gender and Interests but you also receive additional demographic options, including Languages, Behaviors and Connections.

Choosing the right Facebook campaign is easy when your goals are clear. Our recommendation is to write down your goals along with your monthly social media editorial calendar and determine which posts you would like to associate with each  campaign. Once that is done, you can determine your monthly budget and get started.

Thanks for reading, and please share this content if you found it valuable or if you know someone who is struggling with their Facebook ad campaigns.

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