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Orthopedic Specialty Institute

Services Rendered

  • Organic Social Media
  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Blog/Organic Content

About the Client

Orthopedic Specialty Institute of Fort Lauderdale provides leading, personalized care to a variety of patients. From everyday athletes to Olympians, OSI created a place known for exceptional healing and care. Dr. Errol Yoldas and Dr. Martin Weaver spearhead the efforts of the OSI team to bring the latest in physical therapy, surgery, and restorative care to patients.

Organic Social Media

Social media plays a key part in establishing thought leadership and brand trust. For OSI, social media plays an additional role of cheerleader for patients. Our team carefully balances out healthy living tidbits alongside success stories and reviews of patients to encourage engagement. The OSI social media exists to be a conversation piece — whether a fact-based post or celebrating the latest recovery.

Content Strategy

When it comes to developing thought leadership, an effective, meaningful content strategy is critical. Our team wants each client to become a trusted resource for their target audience, and this brand trust will keep people coming back time and again.

We worked with the OSI team to create a content plan that answers some of the most common questions their target audience has. We also leverage the latest SEO tools and best practices while writing content, imbedding relevant keywords throughout engaging copy. The goal of each piece is to give OSI patients (and potential new patients) resources from OSI’s team and simultaneously support OSI’s keyword and search goals.

Search Engine Optimization

Being found through search engines play a key role in expanding the area of help for OSI. They needed effective SEO work to reach people in pain where they are. Keyword research was the foundation of expanding OSI’s digital footprint, making it easier for people needing their services to find healing faster. Our team analyzed what keywords most commonly brought people to the OSI website and built a framework around those words as well as the services OSI offers.

OSI is one example of how OnTarget’s comprehensive and holistic approach to marketing can reach a target audience. Learn more about how we can get your brand in front of your goal audience by giving us a call at (407) 830-4550 or making an appointment.