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Dog with tennis ball in mouth that says "Pawsitively Living"


Pawsitively Living

Rocky’s Retreat is an Orlando dog facility that offers boutique boarding, daycare, and hydrotherapy. Their focus is on one-on-one attention with canines. By adding a personal approach to dog care, they are able to set themselves apart from their competition. Rocky’s Retreat offers unique services, such as hydrotherapy, and needed to get the word out there about it. So, the owner, April, reached out to On Target Digital Marketing for help releasing their first-ever podcast that we appropriately called “Pawsitively Living” (we are so proud of the name). The podcast can be found on SoundCloud and iTunes.


But first, before we get down to the techy stuff, we took a few steps in order to plan out the process. Like we do with all new clients, we sat down for a discovery meeting to learn more about their business and what their goals are. We got to know April, her business, visited the facility, met some adorable pups, took down some notes, and started the pre-production, which includes a segment plan, editorial calendar, and cover art.

Remote Podcasting

When Rocky’s Retreat came to On Target, it was the beginning of the pandemic. They were interested in podcasting services, but we quickly realized we were going to be recording them remotely. So, in the typical adaptive nature of On Target, we introduced remote podcasting. And we’ve got the fancy shmancy tools and equipment to get it all done right. We capture raw audio that our audio engineer then transforms into a unique, engaging podcast. We chose music and sound effects that reflected Rocky’s Retreat’s personality and style. 


After we do some chit-chatting, it’s time for some post-production to get it heard. We work together to build a killer distribution strategy, such as an Instagram to hype up the launch! We get your episodes scheduled on all the podcasty platforms, such as iTunes, the Google Play Store, SoundCloud, and more. Then it’s time for the fun all over again! We’ll see you every month, either in-person or via a virtual recording session. Our sleek studio is available Tuesday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Things are slowly but surely opening back up here in Orlando, and before we know it, we will be sitting in our beautiful podcast studio, where all the magic happens. At On Target Digital Marketing, we are digital storytellers with expertise on digital storytelling, customized to fit your personality, brand, and needs. Give us a call at 407-830-4550 to get started.