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Let’s get real — marketing is scary. Putting your brand, and yourself, out there can be overwhelming, and it can be easy to make a mistake. That’s where we come in. Not to toot our own horn, but we’re the wooden stake to your vampire, the bright sun to your werewolf, the survival kit to your zombie apocalypse. What we’re trying to say is, we’ve seen some monster myths, and we’re here to bust them for you. From podcasting to SEO to design, let us guide you through the mystifying marketing world.

Increase Your Engagement by Buying Followers

While purchasing followers may help increase your overall reach, fake followers won’t interact with your posts to boost engagement! You should focus more on the quality of your content to increase engagement from loyal followers.

You Should Use the Same Posting Format for All Social Platforms

Nope! Every platform is different and acts differently. A one-and-done solution across multiple platforms isn’t a good idea. Custom tailor your posts to fit the channel so that they’re of value to your visitors.

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Being #1 on Google Is Easy!

Whoa. Pump the brakes. Google ranks websites based on a gazillion variables. Just because you have a keyword here or there doesn’t mean you’ll be ranked. Intuitive SEO is the easiest way to climb the Google ranks!

Selling Constantly on Social Media Is a Solid Strategy for Business Growth

No one on the planet wants to be sold to. Create and bring value to your audience, build thought leadership, and instill confidence in your followers.

Everyone Is My Potential Customer!

Everyone is not your customer! You can’t please everyone at once. Niches make riches.

You Need to Be on Every Social Platform on the Planet

Not so much. Certain content belongs on certain channels, and not every social media channel is for your particular industry. Get to know your audience, and figure out where they spend their time online.

The More Links Pointing to Your Website, the Better!

Link building is a solid SEO strategy provided that the inbound links to your website make sense and are on target. In other words, choose quality over quantity here.

Don’t Repurpose Your Content, Ever

It’s ok and advised to repurpose your content. If something you wrote a while back really resonated with your website visitors, touch it up. Make it a bit more timely, and republish your masterpiece.

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Your Podcasts Need to Be at Least an Hour-Long

Podcasts don’t necessarily need to be a set time. We find that the sweet spot is 28-32 minutes, a typical commute — unless you live in Orlando.

Putting up or Purchasing Fake Reviews for Your Products Is a Great Idea

Nope. Never. People have built-in BS detectors and will discredit your business if they feel like you are paying people to create bogus reviews.

You Have to Have Top of the Line Equipment to Create Quality Media or Content

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Sometimes, a simple lapel microphone for your smartphone and Garageband software is all it takes to create audio content.

If I Have a Lot of Followers, That Means I’m Winning!

Quality versus quantity. Be less concerned about how many followers you have and be more concerned with the quality followers who will convert and engage with your content.

Email Marketing Is Over

No way! Not everyone has social media but most everybody has an email address so, what better way to stay top of mind with an email. Also, on social, you don’t “own” your followers. If social media were to go away, you’ll still have those email addresses to still capture attention and convert those contacts into sales.

Giving Away Free Content Means They Won’t Hire Me and Can Do It Themselves

If we gave you all the correct answers for a test you were taking, does that mean you learned the subject? Probably not. You could certainly remember a few bits and pieces, but we doubt you could retake the entire test and pass with 100%. Giving away some free content helps establish your brand as helpful and reliable!.

I’m a Business Professional and Need to Emulate That on Social Media

Not always. Make sure you’re creating content for human consumption. If you’re not occasionally lighthearted, fun, and personable, you’ll turn your users off and they’ll get bored. Create human, memorable content to stay top of mind with your followers.

My Daughter/Son Is Really Good at Social Media and They Can Run It for My Business

Is your main platform TikTok? Most times, teens are, yes, very good at navigating social platforms, but we’re gonna assume that when it comes to strategy, KPI’s, and your ROI, they’re going to get lost. If you don’t have the time to invest in running your social campaigns, hire someone who has the overall knowledge base to create content and deliver results.

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If I “Boost” a Post, I’ll Get More Followers

Nowadays, it’s difficult to get users to hit the “like” button. You need to make sure you’re creating valuable organic content so when a potential user is sifting through your page, they’ll want more of what you’re producing.

I Can Sit Down for One Hour a Week and Just Get All My Social Content Done

We admire that kind of drive but successful social media marketing is built with a well devised strategy based on audience, business goals, and sales/promotion cycles. Your social media strategy needs to be worked on consistently and measured frequently so adjustments and additions can be made.

Older Audiences Aren’t on Social Media and That’s My Target Demographic

Baby Boomer social media users are the largest growing audience right now. They’re using Facebook and Instagram consistently so definitely be creating content geared toward the older demographic. And side note, they didn’t create a Facebook group pretending to baby boomers for nothing. Click here for a good laugh.

SEO Is Something You Can Do Once and Forget About It

Absolutely not! SEO isn’t something that you can do once and then never touch again. Google algorithms are constantly changing, which means your SEO needs to be updated on a consistent schedule.

You Can Buy Your Way to the Top>

Contrary to popular belief, you can in fact pay your way to the top with SEM by purchasing ads or ad words, but you can’t buy your way to being #1 on Google. Climbing the ranks takes thoughtful SEO and time!

Digital Marketing Is All About Pushing Buttons

Nope. All marketing is about how to connect with people on a human level! Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers on a real level in real time.

Your Content Needs to Be 1000+ Words Long

It’s not about the length of your content; it’s about the quality of the content you’re producing. Creating quality content that establishes you as a thought leader is much more important than an inflated word count!

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Graphic Design Only Uses Still Images

Images are only a small part included in design. Graphic design includes layout, typography, colors, and branding! Motion design can bring life to your social and website.

My Website Is the Only Place I Need Digital Marketing

Your website may be the foundation of your digital marketing efforts, but you need digital marketing in so many other places! Content, SEO, social media, online advertising, and email marketing all utilize digital marketing.

You Only Need Design for Print Media

Let us help you see more clearly in 2020! Design is used for print and digital, and influences how your brand visually communicates your message through your website or social graphics.

A Bigger Logo Means Better Brand Visibility

No matter how proud you are of your brand’s logo, give it the moment it needs to breathe and stand-alone to become iconic! Even breaking it down and hinting at it in visual elements says a lot of how you see and treat your brand visually.

Everything You Say Matters

We all like to listen to ourselves talk, but — and this can be hard to hear — not everything you say matters when it comes to driving your call to action. A short, human story is going to resonate much better than a 2,000 word monologue of your innermost thoughts.

Design Is Only About Making Things Pretty

Sure, your site or social graphics are visually appealing, but there’s a lot that happens in the background like the psychology of colors, user experience on the site, and brand alignment.

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