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The Milagro Center Kids with Slime


Green Arrow’s Milagro Center Delray Beach Visit

Recently, some members of the Green Arrow Marketing team decided to dedicate a workday to getting involved in our South Florida community. With all employees on board we discussed the best way to give back. We came across The Milagro Center located near us in Delray Beach, Florida and immediately knew this was where we wanted to donate our time.

The Milagro Center opened in 1997 by a few people with the desire to provide community service. Their mission is to teach young underprivileged children to “Reach for the Stars!” no matter what obstacles stand in their way. 35-40 children come here during the summer and after school to participate in integrated programs that focus on empowering these at-risk youth and their families to succeed.

We were looking forward to Friday all week and to say the least, we had a BLAST during our visit! We planned ahead and decided we would get some supplies and make some SLIME!

The Milagro Center - Slime Ingredients

When we got there we were quickly welcomed by about 30 kids with a lot of energy! We introduced ourselves & told the kids a little bit about what we do as an internet marketing company. Then, we wanted to know a little about the kids so we had them go one by one around the room and tell us their name, grade, and what they wanted to be when they grew up. One of the best answers were “I want to be the Green Arrow when I grow up!”

The Milagro Center Kids

After introductions, we started the slime. Our plan of attack was to make an assembly line and portion out all of the ingredients in the correct order. Over time our measurements became a little off and we had some malfunctioning slime but that didn’t stop us or the kids from finding new ways to play with the slime. After all of it was made, we headed outside to finish up our stay. There was no way of parting the kids from their new creations so outside the slime came! They were throwing it though the basketball hoop, against the walls and on the floor while having a ridiculous amount of fun.

It was a great experience for some of our Green Arrow team members that were able to go and for the beautiful kids of the Milagro Center. We were thanked with hugs and “When are you coming back?”’s. We’ll be visiting again soon, so stay tuned to read about our next adventure!

The Milagro Center Kids with Slime

If you’d like to learn more about the Milagro Center in Delray Beach, please visit them online at or give them a call at 561-279-2970