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Meet Miriam Park

Hello there! My name is Miriam Park and I recently received the opportunity to work as an intern with On Target Web Solutions. Before I get into detail, I’d like to properly introduce myself. Currently, I am a senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Digital Media. More specifically, I am studying under the web design track and plan to graduate at the end of the fall 2015 semester. With a passion for designing, coding, and all things digital, I hope to continue to work as a web designer upon graduation.

I first learned about On Target Web Solutions through the University of Central Florida’s Externship Program back in the fall semester of 2014. Being matched with a company closely related to my major, I was ecstatic and eager to experience what digital media is really like outside of school. Unfortunately, with a sudden death in the family, I was left no choice but to pull out of this opportunity last minute. Still, the thought of gaining a better understanding of digital media never left my mind and finally, I decided to contact On Target Web Solutions in the summer of 2015. Luckily, I was able to receive the chance to work with the company as an intern this fall for 8 weeks.
As it is my first day here, I was nervous, yet excited to work as an intern. I immediately wondered if the skills and knowledge I obtained from school would be sufficient enough. However, upon meeting everyone I knew right away there was nothing to worry about. With such a friendly environment and group of people, I was immediately assured that I was here to gain a knowledgeable experience as well as to further learn and develop my skills in many other areas of the growing digital market. Without a doubt, I believe I will be able to finish my internship position with a memorable and valuable experience.