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Fuel Up! With Andrea Massey-Farrell

Meet Andrea

I went for a bike ride last weekend to clear my head and think through a few things. One of my objectives was to find inspiration. As I cycled the trail through what’s left of the woods in Winter Springs, I found myself ignoring the podcast I was listening to and thinking about the people that I’ve met along my journey, and Andrea came to mind. I love to laugh, and sometimes I need to laugh to move past a stressful situation. My mind drifted back to an agency pitch that I gave with Andrea and her team. It was a really high profile pitch, one that both of our agencies would have immensely benefited from. An early morning pitch, we decided to meet at the Dunkin’ Donuts for a cup of a joe prior to the meeting. I’ll never forget Andrea erupting in laughter as she tried to calm the team, and she had the rest of us laughing hysterically at that Dunkin’ Donuts.

This incredible memory instantly reminded me of what an awesome human being Andrea Massey-Farrell is. She’s a leader and a lover of the arts and education, as well as an amazing mom, daughter, Patriots fan, and wife. I had to have Andrea on the show, and we made it happen.

Humble Beginnings

Andrea started as a secretary at Massey Communications and worked her way up to President of the local advertising agency. Her hard work, personality, and desire to win helped the agency grow and build a solid reputation in the Orlando community. During her tenure at Massey Communications, the agency boasted several high-profile, Orlando-based companies and nonprofits, including Massey Services Pest Control. Andrea was in a sweet spot and she grew, thrived, and crushed it until…

The Harvey & Carol Massey Foundation

The Call

Mr. Harvey Massey called his daughter, Andrea, and requested a meeting. Andrea, thinking it was a year-end review of the agency’s performance, dotted her i’s and crossed her t’s. She put together reports and prepared her numbers and got ready to go in and meet ‘Dad,’ aka Harvey Massey.

Andrea entered Mr. Massey’s office and took a seat, and what she heard was about to change her life.

Meet Andrea Massey-Farrell

The Masseys have always been dedicated to serving the Orlando community. The growing pest control company have always had a culture focused on giving back, but Mr. and Mrs. Massey wanted to take it a step further. Mr. Massey asked Andrea to lead the newly formed Harvey And Carol Massey Foundation. The foundation would focus on the arts and education and help to touch thousands of lives in Central Florida and beyond. Mr. Massey made Andrea an offer she couldn’t refuse, and as they say, the rest is history.

The Mission

Andrea was no stranger to the nonprofit world and was eager to jump right in. She left Massey Communications and got to work leading the foundation. She spent time with countless Central Florida nonprofits, serving on several boards that needed her wisdom and expertise, and took to her new role like a fish to water. Over the past few years, Andrea has seen a lot, learned a lot, and grown immensely into her new role.

One of the most important things that Andrea brings to the table is her business sense. When she encounters wonderful, well-meaning nonprofits that just don’t have their business model in order, she’s more than happy to help steer them in the right direction. This has been quite gratifying and fulfilling, and it’s fueled Andrea in a way she didn’t think was possible before she took the reins.

Chowder And Fuel

Andrea loves the New England Patriots (yes, we share that love…) and chowder. (Not the Manhattan kind, the RIGHT kind: New England style.) In addition to her love for the Pats and chowder, she loves her Fortnite-playing twin sons, her husband James, her mom and dad, and the arts. Andrea is a firm believer in the power of the arts in education and is raising her sons to enjoy and celebrate them. She most recently noticed their love and affection for the soundtrack from Hamilton; her boys adore it.

Legacies and Tree Shade

One of the most important things to Andrea is the notion of leaving a legacy for the future. In her dad’s office hangs a framed painting that says, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” This phrase not only keeps Harvey and Carol Massey focused on the great deeds that they do for the Central Florida community, but inspires Andrea on a daily basis to help nonprofits grow, thrive, and leave Orlando a better place than what it was yesterday.

Personal Note

I’m so grateful to Andrea for spending time with me. It’s humbling to see influential people doing amazing things in the Orlando community, and I’m blessed to know Andrea as a friend. Thank you for all that you and the Harvey And Carol Massey Foundation do for this community.

Thanks so much for reading/listening.