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A Major Game Changer for Digital Marketing

The big game: a nationwide celebration that brings a triumphant celebration, or sulking defeat to fans around the world. Many days of preparation, dedication, and snack buying have you face-to-face with one of the biggest events of the year. Believe us, our Orlando content marketing agency has been waiting for this game ever since the season began. Believe it or not, the digital marketing field is also in for a huge game changer. What’s this major game plan that is taking digital marketing by storm? Our experts at On Target Web Solutions have the answer, and, believe it or not, it’s video marketing.


  • Mobile traffic: Nearly half of mobile traffic worldwide is being used for videos. That’s right; 50% of mobile Internet users use their mobile devices for video use. Gone are the days that static websites ruled the web (we won’t miss them much), and now is the time for engaging, creative websites with implemented videos to boost your brand.
  • New audience: Internet videos have grown past the years of silly videos of failed karate lessons and bad parodies which only targeted a certain demographic. In recent studies by Forbes, figures show that nearly 50% of interviewed executives agree that they watch more videos now more than ever on the Internet. Video marketing can have a major effect on this demographic, rather than traditional text that can be easily overlooked in an online world.
  • Video content – the Internet’s glue: It’s shown that pages can get an additional two minutes of included duration with the implementation of videos. The longer a visitor stays on a page, the more likely that they’ll become susceptible to your product.
  • Brand recognition: With a multitude of competitors online, video marketing is proven to separate you from the rest. You can personify your brand with clever videos of your product. You can have fun with creating these videos since users are becoming more and more resistant towards forced, unimaginative video marketing. Showing your audience that you care about them while effectively showcasing your product is the ideal way to increase brand recognition.


This is only the low tide of the upcoming tidal wave that’s hitting the digital marketing field. Now that you know how digital marketing is changing, it’s time for you to make a game plan. With the help of our Orlando content marketing experts at On Target, you can focus on winning big with video marketing.