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Is Your Website Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

You love your form. You’re proud of your form. You built that form all by yourself three years ago, and it’s been capturing your leads ever since. But what exactly has your form been doing for you? Most likely, it’s been sending you an email that you forget to respond to anytime someone fills it out. Or, maybe it updates a spreadsheet that you haven’t taken a look at in two months. Bottom line is — your precious form isn’t doing nearly as much as it could be. It’s, well, kind of dumb. And that’s where having a smart site comes in. Smart websites are built for lead capture. They automate your marketing and connect you with your website visitors in an entirely new way. They take your potential lead on a personalized journey that helps to convert them from a longshot lead to a concrete customer.

We Can Rebuild It

It sounds fake, right? A website that can capture your leads, sort them into a CRM, and place them into the appropriate sales funnel. That’s got to be something out of a digital marketing fever dream, right? Nope. Smart sites are a very real tool that can automate your marketing and connect you with high-quality leads. Smart sites allow you to personalize the customer journey through a fully built CRM. Maximize marketing spend by funneling leads into an email marketing campaign that tracks “after the click.”

Personalize the Journey

So what exactly does all that digital marketing mumbo jumbo mean? Imagine you need someone to clean your pool. You search for the best pool cleaning companies near you and fill out the contact form on companies A, B, and C. The minute you close your browser, you forget you even needed your pool cleaned. And so do Companies A and B. They have — what we’re going to call — dumb sites. Your lead got pushed to someone’s email. That person is on vacation, and they haven’t even opened it. On the other hand, Company C has a smart site. The moment you filled out that contact form, your email was funneled through their CRM. Three days later, you’ve already been sent a quote about pool cleaning — all before the other two companies have even read your email. So which company do you think you’re going to pick for your pool cleaning needs?

Smart sites are seriously magical, but you may be thinking “With all that smartness, is it still a good looking website?” Of course it is! At least — when we build it. As a digital marketing agency, we pride ourselves on building smart, beautiful, easy-to-use websites that drive more leads. They are beauty, they are brains, and they’re everything in between. Seriously. So come learn all about our smart site capabilities. Fill out our little contact form, and we guarantee we’ll get back to you lickety-split.