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Is Content Really The King?

We’ve all heard the Bill Gates quote, “Content Is King,” but what does that really mean? Is it really worth taking the time to add daily social media posts, weekly blogs, and monthly podcasts to your companies’ repertoire? Can content actually improve your analytics and boost sales? Will anyone even look at your content? When it comes to bringing people to your site, content will always hold the throne, and effectively creating this content is key to unlocking your company’s potential.

Content Consumption

Adults spend up to 11 hours a day consuming content, and getting your content into those 11 precious hours is where experts at a content creation agency come in. By adding social media, blogs, or podcasts to your site, your readers and listeners will help do your marketing for you; each repost, like, and retweet shares your content with their followers. This allows you to reach an entirely new audience — one that was completely out of reach before.

Work with the Experts

On Target Digital Marketing is an expert at content creation, and our clients’ results prove it. Just take a look at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School:

In September 2016, we started consistently posting two to three blogs a month. St. Charles’ active blog postings directly coincide with increases to both site traffic and form submissions. Site traffic rose from roughly 500 users per month to 1,500 users per month, while contact form submissions increased more than 400 percent; these numbers have held since. Largescale, it is estimated that St. Charles has added more than 10,000 users to their site and over 150 contact form submissions since incorporating content into their marketing strategy. If just a third of these submissions are converted into new students for the school, that is several classrooms full of children eager to learn.    

An Effective Strategy

Content is king, and effectively presenting and distributing your content can take your business to the next level. St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School was able to increase visibility with the expertise of On Target, a content creation agency, and they have seen a subsequent increase in site traffic and form submissions since. So that answer to “who is reading your content?” It’s everyone, and a solid content marketing strategy can help to elevate your brand.