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How Digital Marketing is Saving the Pups

When you work in the nonprofit world, your marketing needs to be next level. Like, next level, even more so than a for-profit business. When the Doglando Foundation came to On Target Digital Marketing, they had the tools; they just needed help building. Through digital storytelling, we’ve been helping them grow their online presence; thus, leading to more supporters.

Simplifying Their Mission

One of the first items on the to-do list was simplifying their mission statement. A mission statement is the identity of the organization and communicates its overall purpose to staff, stakeholders, vendors, and customers. Their website was gold, but the language needed to be finetuned and simplified. Collaboratively, we developed a mission statement that is clear, direct, and consistent with their brand: Doglando Foundation: leading the way by creating innovative programs that expand our understanding of the dog and human relationship. Their Puppy B.R.E.A.T.H. program, for instance, is designed to rescue pregnant dogs and provide a safe space to give birth. With a concise mission statement like that, there is no question of what they are all about.

Social Media

Social media is where all the magic happens, as it plays a huge role in any organization’s marketing. However, for a nonprofit, this free, user-friendly platform is the core of their marketing strategy. So it need not be used lightly. We launched with about three to four posts a week. If you want to get noticed on social media, you need to be active. Post, post, and post some more. Depending on the industry, the recommended outlets include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For the Doglando Foundation, we thought it would be best to share to Facebook and Instagram. The goal is glowing images of cute puppies that attract donors. I mean, who doesn’t love puppy pics? Throughout the process, be sure to thank the individuals and organizations that are donating!


GoFundMe is a great fundraising tool for non-profit organizations. The foundation knew immediately that they wanted to create a campaign to help complete the buildout of their birthing barns called The Village. We moved quickly. We gathered information and images about the dens, developed stories to update donors and potential donors, and made it clear what the purpose of the campaign was. When recruiting donors, you need to set a specific tone that is shared through heartwarming stories. Once you’ve tugged at your audience’s heartstrings, they are likely to donate to the cause.


Events are a key component of fundraising. The Doglando Foundation didn’t let a pandemic stop them. They jumped on technology and are making it happen on Zoom. A marketing strategy was developed for its Paws and Relax Trivia Night, which always needs to include a Facebook invitation. Facebook is the bread and butter for reaching your audience. Set a goal, identify your target audience, and determine your distribution channels. Solid copy plus solid content equals a successful event!

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