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The Green Arrow Name

People are always asking me where the name Green Arrow Marketing & Media comes from. When starting this company there were a ton of ideas for a name. With thoughts of my Italian heritage, to being an avid New England sports fan, or tying in our headquarters location of Delray Beach, in South Florida, coming up with a name was not easy. The goal was to be catchy but also get the point across. After countless hours of pining over a name a friend asked me who my favorite superheros were. I never wanted to go the superhero route, but I named them anyway. Batman……Superman……Green Arrow. There it was, the catchy name that made people think about much more than superheros.

When someone thinks Green Arrow, it could be thought of in many ways. Obviously, Oliver Queen the billionaire who turned in to the Green Arrow is one thought. Secondly you have the sign of growth in profits. Every business from New England to South Florida wants their profits to go up and seeing a Green Arrow means just that. Whether it is SEO in Delray Beach or Social Media Marketing in Providence, Rhode Island, Green Arrow Marketing & Media is the company to help grow your profits. Lastly you have traffic lights. What does it mean when you see that Green Arrow? Simple, “Move Forward”. We always want to keep moving forward with our clients and providing them with the best service possible. From superior website designs, to cutting edge marketing tactics to get you the best ROI, Green Arrow puts its customers first and promises to deliver you the highest quality service in a timely manner.