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Green Arrow at the Delray Affair

Last weekend the entire team and I decided to check out the 53rd annual Delray Affair during our lunch break. This event takes place once a year in Delray Beach, Florida. It was really nice to see Atlantic Avenue filled with all kinds of art.  The Avenue was packed with artists, people walking their dogs, families, and art enthusiasts. Other people were just walking around enjoying the Florida sun like us.  As we walked through the crowded strip we realized how different each vendor was. Some vendors had paintings of the sea and others had paintings of the sky hanging all over their tents. Some vendors had actually photographed real life experiences and others had handcrafted pieces like chairs, tables, mirrors, and surfboards. It was all really neat. The art, the energy, the music, the vibe.  It was the perfect place to be on a perfect sunny afternoon in South Florida.

Not only was the art amazing, but the food was also incredible. They had vendors serving food that you would normally expect such as Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, Italian sausages, hot dogs and hamburgers. Other vendors had your typical Florida seafood dishes such as deep fried shrimp and crab cake sandwiches. We ordered a little bit of everything and finished it all. After eating our lunch, it was time for dessert. I am  from the northeast and we love our fried dough. I was looking everywhere for a doughboy, but couldn’t find it. I was a bit saddened I won’t lie, but then I noticed something different besides the fried twinkies and oreos. I noticed these things called  “funnel cakes.” Funnel cakes are similar to fried dough but not exactly the same. I tried one and I must admit I was impressed. So impressed that I ordered another one with whipped cream and fruit on top.

After eating a bunch of unhealthy food, the team and I decided to go back to the office. We had a great experience and had a chance to talk to a lot of cool people there at the Delray Affair. I even had a chance to explain some of the work we do on a daily basis to someone. I remember this one lady asking me  “What is Green Arrow?” “What is it you guys do?” I responded, ‘Well, Green Arrow Marketing and Media is a Delray Beach SEO Company.  She then asked me, “What is that? I explained to her that if she had a website for her business that was located in Delray Beach, having work done for SEO in Delray Beach can benefit her greatly and give her an advantage over other businesses that don’t do SEO in Delray Beach. I than went on to explaining Delray Beach design work, graphic design and website design. It was a great conversation and she was really nice. I gave her my card and she told me she would contact me once her business is up and running. I had no idea she had a business.

I think that I actually gained a potential client by simply taking the time to be personable and nice to a total stranger. She ended up really  being interested in our company and wanting to know more about what we do and what we offered. It’s crazy because I had no idea that she owned a business. I simply started the conversation by giving her a compliment on how cute her dog was. She said thank you and complimented me back on how nice my shirt was ( I was wearing our Company baseball shirts). I said thank you and that’s when she asked “What is Green Arrow?”

Lesson of the day – always smile and be nice, you just never know who you meet.

When can we meet? At Green Arrow, every client is an opportunity for us to help another business grow and for us to gain a referral. We strive every day to deliver results for our clients, who are the lifeblood of the company. If you have a business and are struggling with gaining new clients and business opportunities, we’d love to talk to you about how we can help you take things to the next level. We specialize in web development & internet based marketing, and can help you get your message in front of new customers.

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