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Green Arrow Marketing Announces Expansion Into Full-Service Advertising Agency

Our Journey to Full-Service Advertising Agency

Florida-based Green Arrow Marketing & Media proudly announces the completion of an internal expansion transitioning to a full-service marketing & advertising agency. Under development for over a year, the agency’s evolution from a boutique firm was planned out and executed methodically. The progression was organic and natural, as demand from clients exceeded initial offerings, and utilizing external resources was not in the Green Arrow playbook.

“Relying on outside help has never been something we’re comfortable with, and no one does it better than our team here at Green Arrow,” says president Michael Piccoli. “By taking the time to build our team here with talented people, we are in a position to confidently offer our clients anything they could possibly need to dominate their competition.”

Currently, in its 4th year of business, Green Arrow has an impressive clientele, each with their own success story. A credit to controlled growth, making sure each client’s needs are met and their expectations exceeded, before acquiring new clients, a system that is clearly working.

“As our clients’ businesses grow, their marketing needs in turn grow and become more demanding,” says Kris Mortensen, Head of Business Development. “Rather than simply offering these new services for the sake of offering them, we systematically sought out talent in each service area to be certain we could not only handle the new services but knock it out of the park with our internal team.”

South Florida is known as the mecca of successful advertising agencies, and Green Arrow Marketing has joined the ranks as a major force. Now a full-service advertising agency, Green Arrow plans to keep the momentum by offering a full suite of services that provide solid results clients have come to expect from a high caliber agency.

About Green Arrow Marketing

Green Arrow Marketing provides services in both traditional and digital arenas, tackling PPC, SEO, Social Media Management & Advertising, Website Design & Email Marketing to Radio, TV, print and more.

With an impressive and varied list of clients, including-Grieco Automotive Group, Tilted Kilt, Title Boxing Club, Flogrown to name a few, it’s pretty clear the progression to full-service agency was inevitable.

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