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Facebook’s M.Me/[username] Wants to be the New 800 Number


There is an easy way for customers to contact your business where they are already communicating: Facebook Messenger. Brands large and small, even On Target, your Orlando social media marketing experts, are jumping on board with customer interaction via Facebook Messenger. With over one billion people using Facebook Messenger monthly, it’s becoming second nature for customers to communicate more often with their friends and family via Messenger versus calling on the phone or sending an email.


Here are a few ways customers can contact your business using Facebook Messenger.

Ensuring that your Facebook username is claimed and reflective of your business is imperative to ensure customers can find your company when looking through Facebook Messenger. Customers would enter then your Facebook username to find you. For example, for On Target, entering will connect you directly to us on Facebook.


You can also use a scan code virtually anywhere for customers to be able to contact your company via Facebook Messenger. It’s easy to do, and Facebook provides instructions for how to download your page’s Messenger code.


Try it out with ours through your messenger app on your smartphone. In the messenger app click people, then click scan code.


Feel free to give it a try with the On Target scan code to see how the customer experience would be for your company.

It’s important to have people ready to answer when your customers come to ask questions. Partnering with a company like On Target Web Solutions, an Orlando social media marketing agency,  can help ease the burden of your staff by responding to customers on your behalf in a friendly and helpful manner. Contact us today via Facebook Messenger, online, or at (407) 830-4550 to learn more.