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Excedrin and the Really, Really, Really Bad Migraines

As marketers, keeping up with trends is one of our hardest and most important jobs. All it takes is one idea to spark a flame that sets the whole world on fire. But, not literally. I remember learning about marketing and thinking it was the coolest job ever. And by “learning about marketing” I actually mean “binging Mad Men.”

Now I work in a fancy digital marketing agency, and I’ve realized just how much effort getting that one spark is. Google is constantly telling agencies what they need to do. Two years ago it was SEO, SEO, SEO. Now, it’s “tell your story.” And personally, I think storytelling has made branding more Mad Men-style fun.

You’re telling me my job is to tell stories? COOL. Let’s go.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Excedrin. If you haven’t, you probably don’t watch commercials or have headaches. In which case, you’re missing out. On the commercials, of course, not the headaches.

Anyway, I am constantly looking for inspiration at my cool agency job; from small brands, from national brands, you name it. However, the last place I thought I’d find it was in the migraine advertisement below.

With a little more research and a deep dive into their new social campaign, I came across real-life stories. Have you ever wondered what a pastry chef, an EMT, and an interpreter have in common? Me either. But for some reason, they call them “Migraines in 360.”

That right there is the spark. Taking unrelated stories and making magic with their commonalities. Can you imagine how diverse the consumer base is for migraine pills? Yet Excedrin somehow found a way to target each niche. By telling a compelling, interactive, and ENGAGING story. My first instinct when I saw this ad was to share with my office. And no, not because it’s my job, but because it was GOOD and it was different. It told the “why” that every consumer is looking for.

So, while Google figures out what they’re going to tell us to do next, let’s take storytelling into our own hands. Let’s Mad Men this thing.

If you want to take your stories, your company, and your brand to the next level, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today if you want more leads and rankings. But most importantly, contact us today if you’re looking for a storytelling agency.