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The Evolution Of Web Design – #infographic

The internet, as the public knows it, has been around only a short period of time, yet has changed dramatically. Being online has become such a crucial part of our daily lives that most of us would have a difficult time being without it. While it’s known for its use an entertainment tool, it has also paved the way for thousands of jobs that weren’t around ten years ago.

Today, the internet, as a result from its technological advances, is an ever-expanding canvas to the web developer.  Animation, videos, graphics, images and content are now available to web designers. Because the internet is used as a primary marketing tool, today’s designer must also take into account marketing and search performance as a part of the initial design concept. When combined properly, these key elements will provide an optimal online human experience which will define today’s web design.

Today we show you how web design has evolved since its origins in 1991.

evolution of web design infographic

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