“Either write something worth reading or
do something worth writing about.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Expertly Crafted Event Management Content

It’s an event manager’s nightmare: an audience turnout far under the goal, some constantly checking the time, others snoring, and some eating far more than their share of Hors D’oeuvres. Event managers know better than anyone how frustrating it is to pour time and money into an event that underdelivers. With event content marketing, you can captivate attendees, gain an online following, and transform your bottom line.

Concert Event Content

Get Hype

Don’t get us wrong, your event is important, but the time leading up to it is the make-or-break season. Content marketing is your chance to make a killer first impression, and it’s crucial to generating pre-event hype. By producing consistent event content over a period of time, you build momentum, maintain your audience’s interest, and keep them coming back for more.

Sharing Is Caring

Imagine event content that highlights everything your event has to offer. Imagine the power of a memorable, informative hashtag and a platform where your audience can chip in, ask questions, and share their excitement. After the event has ended, this platform will encourage the discussion to continue. Social networks become flooded with selfies and stories that inspire FOMO. Through effective event content marketing, we utilize the tools that your audience already uses to keep up with an event and implement those tools to bolster engagement.

Wedding Event

Show Me The Sales

Attendees are constantly taking pictures of their food, selfies with the keynote speaker, and videos of the DJ, and within seconds, these images go online for the rest of the world to see. By incorporating social media into your content marketing strategy, you increase event awareness and ultimately boost ticket sales.

Why to Post Post-Events

While content is key to getting your audience excited about your event before anything happens, the steps you take afterward are just as important. When the event has come to a close, your mission is to maintain as much post-event momentum as possible by publishing event content that revisits event highlights and builds relationships with your audience.

Lit Carnival

Get Back to the Future

Let’s say your event is a huge success, and (after a short coffee break, of course) your team is already racing to plan it for next year too. But you have to plan a head. Harness the energy throughout the event; use strategic hashtags, share attendee’s content, and take all the video you can. This content will generate even more awesome event content and ensure future marketing success.

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