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Establishing Your Brand’s Persona Using Multiple Writers.

Content marketing has become critically important for businesses, but many lack the resources, or don’t have the need, to hire a full-time copywriter. Those companies often outsource that function, using freelance writers or hiring an Orlando content marketing firm. Employing an in-house writer directly can be cost-effective and ensure that your brand has a consistent voice, but many businesses don’t have the time or the expertise to locate a writer, make assignments, and edit the writer’s work.

For firms that don’t have the resources to manage an in-house writer, hiring a digital marketing company is a feasible and reliable option. Your marketing company will handle locating professional writers, brainstorming topics, providing direction, and editing the copy–you’ll just receive the finished product. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the other services your content marketing firm can provide, like market analytics, contacts to get your content published or referenced on other high-profile sites, and social media connections.

It’s imperative that your brand is presented consistently across all media. You’ll need to establish your company’s “voice,” and an overall brand personality. It should be authentic and relatable. For example, an investment company catering to an older demographic may not want to be overly sarcastic and comical; however, a software startup that presents itself as an innovative and forward-thinking company might very well adopt that voice to set itself apart from its traditional competition. It’s more important to find a voice that works for you and your audience than to be clever or cute.

Out of Many, One.

How can you help your digital marketing company find your voice, and make many writers sound like one? Start by providing your Orlando content marketing company with some information:

  • Who are you? Of course, this information should include information about your company and its products and services, but go a step beyond that: What do you stand for? Your company’s values will help your writer(s) develop your messaging and create a consistent voice and tone.
  • Who is your audience? Your content should speak directly to your audience, so you need to provide your marketing company with demographic information like age and location, occupations, and common traits. Most importantly, what are they looking for from your company? For example, customers of our hypothetical investment firm probably want a calm, reassuring voice that provides them with accurate financial guidance.
  • What’s happening in your industry? This is an ongoing process. No writer can be as knowledgeable about your industry as you are, so help him or her out by providing articles or links to news, topics of interest, industry information, and other tidbits that can be used to create blog posts, white papers, or other forms of publishable content.

Remember, communicating your brand is a two-way conversation–not a soliloquy–particularly if you’re integrating social media into your content marketing strategy. Customers can and do provide feedback, both positive and negative. Establish a procedure for addressing negative comments so your marketing company knows how to respond. Avoid writing a script–these situations tend to be unique and scripted responses can alienate customers. Your response should be personal, address the customer’s concerns, and move the conversation off public forums as quickly as possible (for example, “Please contact me directly at __________ so I can help you with this issue.”)

Extend Your Voice.

Maintaining a consistent voice is critical to your company’s credibility, so make sure yours extends across all your media and every communication channel. If your Orlando content marketing strategy doesn’t match your website, for example, your customers won’t know what to expect–and that makes them wary of doing business with you. If you need help with your brand’s voice, On Target Web Solutions can work with you to create strategies and content that effectively speak to your audience.