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google remove labeled for reuse as an image search option?


Did Google Images remove ‘Labeled for Reuse’ as an image search option?

It appears that Google may have changed their long standing policy on allowing users to search for images that are ‘Labeled for Reuse’!

google remove labeled for reuse as an image search option?

A handy tool used by many people, was the ability to perform a Google Image Search, and filter the results by a variety of usage rights, including:

  • not Filtered by License
  • labeled for reuse
  • labeled for commercial reuse
  • labeled for reuse with modification
  • labeled for commercial reuse with modification

At the time of writing (8/31/2020 @ Noon EST), the only remaining options appear to be (see above pic):

  • All
  • Creative Commons licenses
  • Commercial & other licenses

What does this mean? For many, it may mean that your ability to filter your Google Image search by images you may be able to reuse for digital marketing, no longer exists.

It would also appear that the Google policy has been updated slightly on the Google Search help page:

For now, it may mean that searching for images you are allowed to use just got a little trickier!

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