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Delray Marketing Life at Green Arrow

It’s been about 2 ½ weeks since my fight. I am actually really enjoying the back to reality routine. Wake up, go to my morning training session, then head to the office right after. It’s the same routine for me 5 days a week. Sometimes I would walk into our Delray Marketing office in Delray Beach with marks on my face, sometimes I’d limp to the office, some way or somehow I always make sure I get there. But since I just fought not too long ago, my training has not been that intense, so it feels pretty good going into work with no aches and pains for once.

It’s always great to see the team at Green Arrow Marketing & Media in the afternoon when I arrive. We say what’s up and give high fives and fist bumps (varies each time). It’s a really laid back environment and a fun place to work. Although the atmosphere in the office is very “chill”, everyone is always on their A-Game when it comes to work being done and making sure it’s done right.

We all have the same mentality when it comes to Green Arrow Marketing and Media, and that making sure that our clients are happy.  There’s no greater feeling than making sure our Delray Marketing clients love the work we do for them, and the results we deliver. Our clients even bring us custom made Green Arrow Marketing cupcakes and cookies!

Delray Marketing
Custom Green Arrow Marketing Cupcakes & Cookies!

I myself would consider myself a client. Green Arrow did an amazing job on my Custom Website (, fight banner design, short design, and walkout shirt design.

My fellow Delray Marketing workers are also consistently consulting with me, giving me new ideas on how to build on all my personal Social Media accounts. I saw a huge growth of followers since I started implementing their ideas with mine.

I feel great being here at Green Arrow Marketing & Media. It’s the perfect job for me since I also have another career. Although I am not only an employee here but also an athlete, I make sure that once I step foot into the Green Arrow Headquarters, I am fully focused on my job responsibilities. I bring the same mentality that I have in training and convert it over to my job here in the office. I am learning something new everyday from my fellow co-workers. They all have years of experience in social media management, graphic design, content marketing, digital marketing, website design and more. It’s not always easy, but I love what I do and the company I do my work for.

I am business in the cage and business in the corporate world. I enjoy being an animal at both!

If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level, you can’t find a team that will work harder and fight to help knock out your opponents than Green Arrow Marketing & Media! Call us today at 561-450-9288 and let us show you how to dominate your competition!

Thank you for reading,

– Andre Soukhamthath