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Cosmetic Healthcare Practices Require a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaign To Succeed

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For your cosmetic healthcare practice to be successful online, a thorough and effective digital strategy must be executed which allows you to make the right decisions to achieve your digital marketing goals. A complete digital model provides the framework that will ensure that your practice establishes itself as a leader in the cosmetic healthcare industry and that you are able to stand out from your competitors. Too many practices only implement pieces of a complete digital marketing campaign. Yet, when one of these pieces is not being used in your online marketing efforts, your practice cannot take full advantage of the exposure the digital landscape offers. Below are the vital components of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign for the cosmetic healthcare industry.

Know Exactly Who Your Target Demographic Is

It is imperative, in the beginning of any digital marketing campaign, to know exactly who your target demographic is. A competent digital marketing strategy only works when you understand the needs, behaviors, and preferences of your target audience. You should not be creating just any type of content if you do not know who will be reading it and their reason for doing so. By promoting your cosmetic healthcare practice to the right niche, you ensure that you will not be wasting your efforts and money. As a cosmetic practice, the majority of your patients will come from the zip code or county in which your practice resides.

A Website That Can be Found and Supports Your Content

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Content cannot stand on its own. It MUST be housed on a website that supports the content through the use of meta tags that accurately encapsulate what your cosmetic practice offers, all on a local level. Your digital marketing strategy should include user-oriented and well-written meta descriptions that pique the interest of potential patients and make them want to click for more information. These meta descriptions should employ a strong value proposition, and they should also highlight the main characteristics and benefits of your practice. The meta description is used to set your cosmetic practice apart from the rest and  to make users want to click for more information. If your meta descriptions are done correctly, they can be a real magnet for potential patients as well as improve traffic to your website. Another important factor is that your website must be user-friendly. This means that when a user comes to your cosmetic surgery website, they should easily and quickly be able to find the information they came to your site for. If your content is not laid out in such a way for the user to find exactly what they are looking for in the shortest amount of time, then the content you are adding to your website is a wasted cause.

Strategic Keyword Plan

Once you have targeted your website locally, it is then time to implement a strategic keyword campaign. It is extremely important that the way you use those keywords are white hat techniques only. Generally, Google can see through dishonest SEO tactics and will penalize your site if you are caught by them. It is important to really know what keywords and phrases people are using when searching for what service your practice provides. You will need to understand how to use those keywords the right way as a way to support your content, not having the content just support certain keywords.

Content Marketing

In this technological age, old marketing practices will not bring patients through the door of your cosmetic surgery practice. You must be publishing content on your website that informs and inspires your audience. That content on your website, when pushed through the appropriate social media channels, is a way to establish authority and gain the trust of your audience. Do not limit yourself to just blogs; infographics and videos are all effective ways to deliver your message to your audience. Also, once you have your keyword strategy in place, create content that features them in a relevant and educational manner.

Social Media Marketing

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.24.26 AMSource: Social Media Use and Impact on Plastic Surgery Practice. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. February 2014.

So, you have your website optimized for the correct geological area and appropriate meta tags, and you are using the correct keywords in your content that is engaging and relevant to your audience. Now is the time to get that content into the hands of your audience who will act upon it. It is important to be cognizant of the way the content should be distributed on a specific social media platform and that the content is consistent across all of them. For example, are there groups on LinkedIn that you should post your content to or does publishing directly on LinkedIn’s Pulse the right choice? A cosmetic healthcare practice needs to know exactly what social media platforms are best to use and what strategy should be implemented when sharing each piece of content.

Paid Advertising

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Source: Feb. 2014. Retrieved from

In digital marketing, it is wise to “pay to play”, and there are two ways in which your cosmetic healthcare practice can do this: through Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Google AdWords is pay-per-click service, allowing your practice to create and run clickable ads to your target audience, as well as reaching people who already have an interest in the cosmetic specialty your practice offers. With Facebook Ads, you are offered a low-cost way to reach your targeted audience who have, in their Facebook profile, expressed an interest in your practice’s area of expertise. However, there needs to be a sound strategy behind all online advertising efforts so that your messaging will be seen by the biggest and most relevant audience.


After all the pieces are put together, the data must be analyzed by someone who can accurately interpret the whos, whats, whens, and whys. A highly-skilled analytics professional can tell you what pieces of content drove people back to your website and which ones didn’t. They can also tell you who acted upon that content by clicking on something specific and exactly what traffic source the user accessed your website through. It is imperative to be constantly reevaluating your digital marketing efforts, both on your website and social media platforms, using real data in order to justify the continuing or ending of a certain strategy based upon accurate analytics.

To get new patients for your cosmetic healthcare practice, you must reach them online, and the only way to do that is a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that takes into account many factors such as demographics, website usability, the backing of relevant content, and real data that supports your online efforts. For more information on a digital marketing that produces real results, contact the digital marketing experts at On Target Digital Marketing at 866-998-6886, or contact us online.

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