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8 Brilliant Apps That Will Make Your Social Media Content Go Viral

You promise yourself that it won’t happen again. You want your posts to be freakin’ awesome right now, and you don’t want to wait! What apps do other people use? Stop blaming your pals for having too much spare time to edit those cool pictures, videos, and infographics or for having a huge creative department to come up with that innovative content–you can do it too! Make your content marketing strategy “legen”…. read the post….”dary”!

This coming year, we want you to be prepared with some of the coolest apps out there to help you to transform “so-so” social media content into a “wow” content. Let’s get started:

  1. Use PowToon to create easy and amazing presentations or animated videos about one of your new products or top tips to increase your sales. This easy-to-use presentation editor will help you show your ideas in a more visual and engaging way. We have created this short video introducing our blog to show you how easy and fun is to create these type of videos.
  2. Quotes Cover allows you to upload your own pictures and it will randomize colors and fonts so you can customize your own graphic. Make your messages stand out with this cool and easy-to-use app. Below is a sample of a picture that we customized in the past for our Facebook page. It actually got a couple hundred impressions. Why don’t you surprise your customers and online audience with a group pictures wishing them Happy Holidays?
    quote cover OT sample
  3. Choosing a winning topic to write about on your blog can be challenging sometimes. For a couple of weeks, we’ve been testing out InboundWriter. This app will help you choose the most appropriate topic for your blog by predicting the success of your content based on some of your web data. The colors red, orange and green will indicate if that specific content will work for you or not within a 0 to 100 score.
  4. Turn boring content into engaging infographics with Piktochart. Out of all the free options in the market, we chose this app because it gives you several templates and icons in order to customize your infographic in many different ways.  Did you know that infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles?
  5. Join the “Death to the Stock Photo” community for monthly free lifestyle pictures to use in your social media channels, blogs, or whatever you want. Don’t bore your audience with typical pictures that they have seen everywhere else. Check out some of these free stock photo sites where you’ll be able to find plenty of cool, fresh and modern images that allows you to modify and use as you please. Select the picture you want, download it and have fun–it’s as easy as that. Some of our favorite communities are: Unsplash, Getrefe and Life of Pix.
  6. For those bloggers who are planning on using Pinterest a lot more in 2015, BoardBooster is an app that you should add to your list! In order to create and grow a nice community in this social network, you should Pin every day. However, we know this could be a hassle sometimes when your agenda is fully booked with meetings and family get togethers! BoardBooster allows you to schedule pins on Pinterest so you don’t have to stress about pinning every day.
  7. Share the story of your company with the old video technique, Stop Motion. Download and play around with the Stop Motion Studio app available at the Apple store, and Windows store–sorry Android users, it’s not available to you yet, but hopefully soon enough you can benefit from its cool features. Why don’t you create a one minute video with all your team members as a way of introducing some of your behind the scenes rockstar’s moments to your users–they’ll love it! We found this original video for you–very cool, right?
  8. When you share your blog content out on your social media channels, do you test your posts with different headlines to see which one is performing the best? By doing this A/B test, you’ll be able to know what type of content or keywords your audience is really looking for. Naytev seems to be a great app to do so. This app helps you see with ease which type of your content is being shared more online. We are still testing it out, so will see if it works for us. You can try it for free for 14 days.

These 8 apps are just some of our favorite ones that have helped us so far to make our content go a step further, and shine like a diamond! Now it’s your turn. What apps do you use to fuel your social media content and provide it with a free pass to the best online catwalks?

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