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Make It Personal: Targeting Beyond Demographics

When I’m interested in something, I Google it. I’m not talking a quick visit to the product’s website; I’m talking 20 search results deep, reading opinions from anyone who has ever considered buying this product. I’m watching YouTube tutorials, deep in Instagram’s hashtags, and reading every review that’s ever been published. My shopping behavior is somewhere between a Researcher and a Romancer — I need product specs, functionality, and wearability, and I also need to know how it’s changed someone’s life. My mom calls it obsessive tendencies handed down to me from my father, but there are actually four categories that consumers can be grouped into: The Hunter, The Den Mother, The Romancer, and The Researcher. These four categories were coined by Justice Mitchell, a marketing veteran recognized internationally for his award-winning creative content and a respected voice, as both a blogger and social influencer, within the industry. Understanding these four groups will help you motivate a consumer to go from simply interested to making a purchase.

The Hunter

The Hunter is busy. They have things to do, people to see, and don’t need (or want) to spend time learning the ins and outs of a product. This consumer needs fast facts and to quickly see that your product works.

The Den Mother

The Den Mother is a different type of busy. They also need quick facts, but they need to know that your product is going to fit their needs and busy lifestyle. They want satisfaction guaranteed; they want to know that this product is going to work and make their life easier.

The Romancer

The Romancer wants to fall in love, to take your product on a date before fully committing to the relationship. They seek out testimonials, stories, and reviews. They want to feel confident in their purchase before they even make it.

The Researcher

The Researcher is straightforward. They want data and facts. How does your product compare to others on the market? Throw in easily understood user testimonial and the researcher is sold.

Why Is It Important to Know Your Consumers’ Buying Habits?

As marketers, we spend a lot of time thinking about our consumers. We know their demographics, their location, and their interests, yet we often neglect getting into their mindset. Relevant ad targeting needs to go beyond demographics and become personal. Think about how you shop; think about how your friends shop. Most likely, your buying habits are different from your friends, family, and even significant other. By knowing your consumers’ mindsets, you can create personalized content and ads that directly appeal to their buying habits.

For The Hunter: Market quick facts and trust assurance items.

For The Den Mother: Draft content that provides facts illustrated by success stories.

For The Romancer: Create a narrative that takes them on a journey with your product.

For The Researcher: Design an infographic that provides data at a glance.

There’s a good chance your consumers are made up of Hunters, Den Mothers, Romancers, and Researchers. By creating content that targets each mindset, you can go beyond the demographics of your consumer and appeal directly to their psyche.

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About the Author:

Grace graduated from Juniata College and works as a Content Lead at On Target. When she’s not overanalyzing comma usage, Grace enjoys going to local shows and hanging out with her cat (who does not necessarily enjoy hanging out with her).

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